[VN] Hana Awase – Mizuchi-hen – Days 10-21

Sorry that this ended up much later than I thought it would – work’s gotten busy, I’ve been going through more study materials, I started reading Umineko/some other stuff’s coming out soon and I just kind of flopped over and disregarded the universe due to stress, haha. So this may not be finished within two months, but…we’ll see.

Basicallyyyyyy since I just skip through all of these scenes every playthrough now, I’d evidently forgotten how otome game-y some of these scenes are. And promptly died. I kind of just had to erase all my knee-jerk comments in some parts, haha… >_>;

Anyway, this covers the rest of the game until the ending branch-offs. Enjoy the calm before the storm, or something like that.


Table of contents:

Days 0-9 | Days 10-21
Endings: Himeutsugi | Mizuchi | Karakurenai | Iroha


Day 10

> Mikoto’s room

Momotose giggles and says it’s today – the lo-ver-s-date! Mikoto blushes, muttering that Momotose-san’s grinning like she’s lovestruck. But, Momotose protests, this is an important day where those two will be close to each other! Though she’ll be lonely since her Mikoto’s being stolen away by Mizuchi…

…By the way, Mikoto’s dressed in her uniform on a day off…but there’s no chance that she is going to go out like that, is she? Mikoto blinks and says that was her intention.

Momotose gawks at her – that simply will not do! This is not a field observation trip for a social studies class! The opportunity to capture a gentleman’s heart will fade away!

Momotose walks up and grabs Mikoto. She splutters – what is she – ! Suddenly Momotose takes off with Mikoto in tow, who asks the entire time just where are they goingggggg!

Eventually they get to their destination and Mikoto breathes heavily from the running. She’s now in some kind of dressing room, and thinks she was taken somewhere on campus…

Momotose says, first, makeup! Then an outfit… This one, with pale lace in the color of sakura pink. It’s appropriate for Mikoto, who’s the prim and natural type. It’s a soft, relaxed combo. How is it? Tane, Kasu? Two men in sunglasses who look like twins say it’s lovely.


Mikoto shrieks – she’s still changing! They excuse themselves and say they’ll close their eyes. Momotose says it’s all right – they’re like a wall or some other such object. Now, she’ll just adjust this ribbon as an accessory…finished! Mikoto gasps. Momotose says exuberantly, ahhh, her Mikoto-san. She’s so very charming…as if she were born from softest foam – her muse!

Mikoto says her compliments are too much. Though she thinks that, still…this dress really is cute. There are a lot of frills adorning it…the fabric’s really soft……and, well, this.

She asks Momotose about the skirt…can’t it be made a little bit longer? Momotose beams that that’s the best part! It fully capitalizes on her beautiful legs. Which means…it can’t be lengthened, Mikoto realizes.

Tane and Kasu say they want to see. Momotose realizes, oh, they still have their eyes closed? They can open them now. They do, and the two of them give low gasps. Mikoto blushes – don’t look at her so much!

Momotose giggles – without a doubt, this will stop a gentleman dead in his tracks. If Mizuchi does not lay a hand on her, then divine punishment will rain down upon him. Right? Tane and Kasu repeat that divine punishment will rain down.

Mikoto wonders what she should do. Now that she’s come this far, she can only go dressed like this, right…

Momotose sends her off, and tells her to knock out Mizuchi, giving a small laugh.

> The park

Mikoto groans at how breezy it feels because of the skirt… It’s the first time she’s worn something like this. Are these Momotose-san’s everyday clothes? They’re definitely expensive. Momotose-san always does a lot for her sake…why, she wonders?

Speaking of, these clothes are a bit conspicuous… Since she stepped out, people have been just staring at her. It’s embarrassing.

A skirt-chaser/flirt approaches her. Hey, she’s cute, isn’t she~? Where’s she going? If she’s free she should hang out with him, yeah~? How about it?

Mikoto says no, she has something to take care of. He says it’s fine, just for a little~. Hey, what about karaoke? Hey, hey, he’s really interested in her~. Mikoto says she’s in a hurry…! He says, hey, come onnnnn. Whoa, her arm’s so small!

She shrieks after he grabs her, and a high-pitched sound rings through her head. She’s getting the same sensation that she got when she was with Karakurenai-san that time… What is this…she feels awful…! The parts of her body that he touched are starting to become icy cold.

She yells at him to please stop – let go! He says it’s fine~! Come on~

A voice goes, “Filthy.” The flirt yells in shock as Mizuchi appears – what’s with this eyepatch jerk! Mizuchi calmly says that he’s telling him to let go of her hand. The guy yells, don’t try to butt in and look all cool! He started with her first, so it’s his win!

Mizuchi says that if that’s so, then it’s his win. He had already ‘started with’ this young lady some time ago. Isn’t that right, Mikoto-kun. She stutters and stammers that uhm ah yes uhm, yes, that’s right! The flirt mumbles while fleeing that she shoulda made it clearer that she was going out with a guy! You gotta say these things earlier – damn!


She thanks Mizuchi deeply for saving her. He says that he ended up speaking in a rude manner, and also apologizes for having noticed her too late. Her aura is somewhat different than it usually is, and thus…

Mikoto falls silent, staring off into space. Mizuchi asks her what’s wrong – her complexion doesn’t look good. She apologizes. It seems like she’s remembered what happened to her earlier, and her body’s…

Huh? Everything in her vision’s starting to turn black. Her body feels like it’s freezing…what is this…

She mumbles that it’s col…d – and passes out. He shouts her name.

Fade to black, timeskip. Mikoto wonders just what happened. If she remembers right, Mizuchi saved her when she got entangled with that guy, and then she started to feel awful. She collapsed, and then… {and then, otome game moment…!?}

Her body feels warm. It’s a warmth that really makes her feel safe. This – just what is it. This feeling is nice… It’s a nice warmth…it reminds her of something she felt long ago, when someone did something like…wrapping her in their arms like this.

She can hear skin moving over skin, and something else…a heartbeat? Could this be…

She opens her eyes to find Mizuchi holding her in his arms, one hand behind her shoulders and another one at the nape of her neck, and is shocked. W…wha – M-Mizuchi-san!? Ehhhh!? Why did it end up like this!?

He asks if she’s come to. She starts stuttering. He quickly tells her to stay silent or else people will come. His voice becomes softer as he tells her to stay like this. He doesn’t want other people to see her when she’s in this state. She says, when you say people – you mean, we’re in the park?

He affirms this. Since it was an emergency situation, he had to find a place devoid of people, and hastily. The treatment isn’t finished yet, so he’d like her to just stay still.


Emergency situation, she repeats – just what happened to her? Mizuchi tells her she dried up. She repeats what he says in shock – is that something that only happens to minamo?

He answers, yes, it’s a condition where the water in a minamo critically decreases… When a minamo feels she is in danger, judging that there is some kind of contamination, she will move to purify herself. It’s a kind of defense mechanism. It’s something close to anemia, but if emergency first aid is too late in coming, then her life will begin to wither away and take a turn for the worse.

She says, but the textbooks state that drying up does not largely occur outside of Hana Awase… He replies that she has only just become a minamo, so she can’t control her own body’s water yet. And, likely, today compounded with the earlier incident involving Karakurenai-sempai, which induced this.  Mikoto realizes that her body must have decided that it was being contaminated  when Karakurenai and the guy from earlier touched her…and that’s why her body turned strange?

Mizuchi says with bitter regret, to have allowed a minamo to dry up while he was accompanying her… He would ask her forgiveness for such a grievous transgression. She says that no, it wasn’t his fault. She can’t be unable to control her own water. And for her to need emergency treatment on top of that…

He says that it’s necessary for a player to circulate water through her to restore her condition. A hospital would be unable to treat this, and moreover, they did not have the time to return to Kaen… The result was that he caused her this kind of shame while they were outdoors. She protests – that’s not true! This is the first time she’s needed treatment like this so she was a little surprised is all, but…

Mizuchi quietly notes that if she had judged his actions to be a threat and grew terrified upon regaining consciousness, then he would not have been able to continue treating her. That was his concern. Mikoto thinks – her, being terrified of him? He looks anxious… She asks herself, does she feel as scared now as when she was touched by Karakurenai-san or that person from earlier?

She says it’s all right. She doesn’t feel that she’s scared or anything when he touches her. …After all, they’re partners. Something like this…she’s completely fine. He says her name with a rough edge to his voice.

Mikoto wonders if it’s possible for them to stay like this for a little longer. He says, of course. He will stay here until she is healed.

She thinks, she’s not scared. She feels really warm…and she can feel herself filling up with water while being held by him. Is she not as scared as when she was touched by those other guys because the onifuda chose Mizuchi as her partner…?

…No, that’s not it. It’s because Mizuchi tried to save her… He was frantic in his efforts to protect her, one of the minamo… She’s not scared because she recognizes that. She understands his feelings.  There’s…a kindness to him.

He asks her to please not stare at him so much. She says, oh, okay…then she’ll close her eyes. He takes a slightly shaky inhale.

Mikoto says that she’s sorry that it turned out like this after all the trouble he took in choosing the location and various other things. Mizuchi says that he…doesn’t mind.

This park is a famous place even considering their district, Mikoto remarks. There’s also an adjoining botanical garden… It was her first time coming here, and since it’s so large she got lost right away. He says that it’s the best park in the city. The flowerbeds have flowers blossoming from season to season. They are well maintained and he never tires of looking at them, no matter how many times he comes here.

“Without good soil and water, a flower will die. It’s almost like us.” The soil is Kaen, the water is the minamo…and he and the other players are raised by the power that they receive from the minamo. As one single minamo pours water to allow a flower to bloom magnificently someday…

Mizuchi then says that she seems to be filled with water, and asks her to open her eyes, which she does. She’s stunned – her body feels lighter now. She feels really refreshed…incredible! He smiles, and she thanks him. He gives a small laugh – she is not tainted at all. Mikoto, meanwhile, gapes at him – he’s really smiling!?


He says they should not be negligent – they should end the day and return. He will take her home. As they walk, the sun begins to go down. Mikoto thinks that it’s the first time…she’s seen him smile. It’s foul play.

In the end, it ended up not feeling much like a date. She looks at him out of the corner of her eye for a bit. A long time had passed before it happened, but she was held by Mizuchi. By that Mizuchi.

Which…ah. Now she’s really embarrassed! This is bad – now she’s aware of it. She feels her face blazing…but it won’t do if he sees her and thinks something strange…

Lost in thought, she bumps into a blond stranger, and apologizes. He says “sorry” in English before walking away.


{Uhm yeah if a dude gets artwork and voicing? He’s gonna end up mattering. …whenever he shows up next, anyway. And I lol’d at the “soh-li”. Well, they did do their best.}

Mizuchi asks her if she’s all right, and she mumbles a yes. She was spacing out too much! She’d better get a hold of herself.

They get back to Kaen. Mikoto says that she made him worry a lot over various things. He demurs – he was the one who did something rude. After a really long pause, he starts to speak…and then stops again. She looks at him questioningly.


Mizuchi finally says, “If it is fine with you…how about doing this again once more, properly?” She says, by again, he means……..oh. Y-Yes! she says with a slight blush. He says he’s grateful. They should meet at the same time next week. …He excuses himself. She tells him good night.

Mikoto thinks, just now he said…to go on another date…right? Maybe he was worried because they ended up not being able to have a real date? She thought they’d fulfilled the promise today as per the duel conditions, though. Maybe it’s because Mizuchi’s such a serious and diligent person…

A breeze blows by, and she notices a scent coming faintly from her hair. It’s a nice and refreshing smell…that isn’t hers. Could it possibly be Mizuchi-san’s? Maybe from when he’d held her… She turns beet red again. This is bad. Her chest is… Her body feels tense and she can’t relax. What is this feeling? Now she’s even more embarrassed than when Mizuchi-san touched her earlier… Why, she wonders, is she…

> Monologue

At night, Mizuchi recites a poem (another one by Saigyo):

くまもなき 月の光にさそはれて

kuma mo naki   tsuki no hikari ni sasowarete
ikukumoii made yuku kokoro zomo

Lured by the moon which shines upon all   towards the farthest reaches of sky
towards the clouds of yonder distance   my heart does dash away

{I think it says something about the rarity of the poem when half of the search results are blogs summarizing the poems in Hana Awase, lol. In short – my heart dashed away/was, by some external influence/force, led away  forever by the omnipresent moon, to the remote regions of the sky.}

Today was tough, wasn’t it. It’s good that she can rest safely now…

This was the first time he’d administered emergency treatment. He did just as the textbooks said, but…it was an act that was not entirely wholesome. She… He owes her a grave apology.

Why…is he inadvertently touched by her, he wonders? So many times…as though it’s coincidence, or perhaps even inevitability… As though he wishes for her to touch him. {「何故自分は君に触れてしまうのだろう。偶然が、まるで突然であるかのように、幾度も自分が、君に触れることを望んでいるかのように。」}

Perhaps it’s because of the moon’s light that these sorts of emotions are boiling over…

“Dear moon, rather than shine on me, please…I ask that you punish this self of mine instead…”

Day 11

A voice calls out to her. “Mikoto…you are Mikoto, aren’t you?”

Mikoto realizes that this is the same dream that she had when she was in the hospital. She responds. He’s relieved. He doesn’t know how many days he’s been waiting. She asks…is he the Half-Moon? Yes, he is. She then asks, who is he – show her his true appearance.

His breath catches. She pleads with him – please, show her his face.

Suddenly a faint image of Mizuchi appears against the moon, startling her. What does this mean? Could the Half-Moon’s true self really, possibly be Mizuchi…!? She begins to call out his name –


The image of Mizuchi says, “Who’s there. You’re…” She’s surprised. He bites out – “Don’t come! Ugh…!? Just what are you!” She notices that it seems like he… No, he can’t seem to see her?


Suddenly he’s hunched over in pain, clutching at his eyepatch. He grits out that it hurts… Something’s – entering his body, and…! She cries out at him, asking what’s wrong. He barely manages to say that his eye’s…his eye’s… He lets out a howl of pain. She cries out his name again –

And then everything disappears in a flash of white, before she wakes up in her bed. A dream…

She doesn’t feel good and she’s covered in sweat. Just why did she have that dream, she wonders…

Out of the blue, Momotose’s voice comes through the door, wishing her good morning. Mikoto startles and says that she’s coming. Ah – if she could just wait a moment…! She thinks, she really can’t go out looking like this.

After throwing on her uniform, she opens the door and says good morning with a sheepish look. Momotose says that she looks rather pallid – her health is not worsening, is it? She says that no, she’s fine. Momotose says, is that so, and asks her to please not push herself so hard. Mikoto sighs and wonders just why Mizuchi was in her dream. And it’s not like the dream would…actually come true, right…

Momotose adds, speaking of the date…how did it go? Yesterday’s lovers’ date. She giggles. “Did you knock out Mizuchi with that soft and relaxed combo plus your charm, my muse…?” After a long pause, she asks if something happened. Mikoto says that, actually…

After she finishes telling the story, Momotose recaps, so what happened was that you dried up. Mikoto says she’s fortunate that Mizuchi had been there. He’d been the one who took care of her… Momotose says, took care of her – ! Which means that, Mizuchi directly treated her muse? Skin to skin?

Mikoto stammers that ah, erm, no, but Momotose merely smiles like a cat that swallowed the canary and says her face is bright red. Mikoto says that it’s not like that. Really.

Momotose merely giggles and says it’s sweet. For that fastidious Mizuchi to do something so daring…he really has become interested in her muse. Mikoto thinks that Momotose seems happy…though talking about the events of the weekend date has turned into something a bit problematic.

Momotose says that love’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Mikoto makes a sound of surprise. Why is she suddenly talking about love… Momotose says, oh, she still hasn’t noticed? The seeds have already started to sprout. In Mizuchi…and in her.

Mikoto exclaims, in her!? Momotose replies affirmatively – her thoughts have already tended towards him, haven’t they? And once you notice it, you then end up thinking only about that person… That is, without a doubt, love.


Mikoto, still blushing, says that can’t be…it’s not. Momotose smiles and says she’s cheering her on. Now, they should head to school.

> Momotose’s room

After classes end, Mikoto goes to ask some more questions.

About the chairmen「理事長について」

The two chairmen, Kintokihana-sama and Awahana-sama, are two persons as one. They have a full knowledge of abilities regarding the cards of Kasen. It’s as if they are heaven-sent children, sent by the gods with such information to answer their prayers.

They are born of nobility descended from the blood of the imperial family and are even close to the emperor himself. Looking at it that way, they’re actually far and away in terms of skill from all of them. {“Skill” can also be read as age…and guess what, they’re far and away a ton older, too, haha.}

Also, they like Kasen duels, so they will gather the high-ranked students and throw them tea parties. That can be a bit of an incentive for her, she says with a small laugh.

About Onosada-sensei「斧定について」

Onosada-sensei serves as a Kasen instructor. His Kasen skill is for certain, but there’s that manner of speech and conduct of his. He does not have a good reputation among the other teachers.

He’s not really good with looking after people either, yet he’s pretty popular amongst the students. He can be found napping all over campus, so how about looking for him?

About Momotose「百歳について」

“My, you want to know more about me? I’m delighted!”


She is Iroha’s minamo and she belongs to the Chisengumi class. She is also the one who assembles the minamo of the Five Brights. If Mikoto spends a good deal of time together with her, she will surely learn many, many things about her.

Nothing in particular「特にない」

Momotose’s eyes widen as she asks if that’s all. The time she spends with her muse goes by in the blink of an eye… She asks her to come by again.

> The Five Brights’ rooms

Mikoto knocks on Mizuchi’s door, and it opens. She’s impressed at how clean his room is. There are a lot of books, but they are all kept in order…precisely, she could say. That, or, it’s what one would expect…

Mizuchi acknowledges her. What reason does she have for coming here?

{Note with the question headers just how she speaks more formally with him than Momotose. Just thought you might find that interesting.}

Regarding Iroha-san「いろはさんのこと」

Iroha-sama’s talent as a kaei is for certain, of course, but he is also a person of magnificent character. {Aka spacey space alien.} Everyone – not just the students from his own class – pays him considerable attention and respect. The likes of himself and the others could not even hold a candle to him, but they will diligently strive to support his power by even the smallest amount.

Mikoto thinks that Mizuchi really respects Iroha-san from the bottom of his heart… {Total fanboy is more like it. The way he talks about him is just…lol. Iroha-sama, indeed.}

Regarding Karakurenai-san「唐紅さんのこと」

If he were not to choose his words carefully, then Mizuchi would say that he thinks he is lacking in sincerity and diligence. He won’t attend classes and fools around instead. Above all, Mizuchi cannot look highly upon how he treats the minamo in his class as his possessions. He would like him, as one of the Five Brights, to act with more moderation.

He closes his eye and apologizes. Without meaning to, he has caused her something unpleasant.

Mikoto thinks that it doesn’t seem like Mizuchi likes Karakurenai-san much. Their personalities are the complete opposite, after all.

Nothing in particular「特にありません」

She thanks him with a smile and leaves.

> Kasen lecture room (SKIPPED SCENE) {only available from days 11-14}

Onosada asks how the date went. Mikoto says it ended safely. Onosada says in a plaintive voice, to say ‘ended safely’…geez, she has no interest in guys at all. He’s asking if they did stuff. She reddens and says they didn’t. She’s still a minamo!

He goes, ohhh. For the time being, her eyes are starting to open. Good enough, good enough. Besides, a minamo’s purity is the number one thing! And are her panties pure white as well? What color are they, hm…


The X of light and sound effects begin, but Mikoto blocks him – that’s not okay! He makes a tch sound and grumbles at her not to be so stingy about showing her kiddy underwear just once. If her guard’s too rigid, she’ll have trouble with Mizuchi, y’know.

She snaps that Mizuchi-san wouldn’t do the kinds of things that sensei does. Besides, they don’t have that sort of relationship. Onosada sighs with a grin and says that she’s so young and naive. Mizuchi is already quite interested in her. Her eyes widen – he is?

He says that it was when Karakurenai assaulted her. Mizuchi sought out the chairmen afterwards and demanded a response. Damn, it was harder to hold him back. She says, shocked, that she couldn’t imagine Mizuchi doing something like…

Onosada says that Mizuchi wouldn’t let her see something like that – it’s a matter of pride for a guy and all. Well, Mizuchi was also chastised for his own behavior by the chairmen. Since he still has not caused the senki candidate to awaken as of yet. The chairmen are feeling really impatient with her due to it as well. Eh, if he had a say, it’s due to both of them… Mikoto stays silent.

He tells her to hurry along and go. He’s also busy, y’know.

Which is to say, Mikoto thinks, that he’s drinking again…  Though, he said that Mizuchi sought out the chairmen and demanded a response from them…she can’t imagine that. For that cool and composed Mizuchi-san to do something like…but, if he really did…? Himeutsugi-san also said something along these lines, so maybe she really doesn’t know much about him at all…

Day 12

> Classroom

Iroha enters her classroom and asks where the senki candidate is. She quickly stands up, flustered, and stutters out that she’s here.


Iroha replies in monotone that he can see that. Momotose has called for her. She wants to eat lunch with her together in the courtyard.

Mikoto says, oh, that’s right. She has also made lunch for Momotose-san, too. Iroha says that Momotose has said she is looking forward to the lunch that Mikoto made. That is all of the message that he was to convey. Then he walks away. Mikoto thinks that he came and went like the wind…

One of the minamo moans, and she suddenly realizes that everyone in class has collapsed!? She asks the class rep what’s wrong. With a red face, she manages to say that looking at Iroha-sama from…that close…! It’s dangerous, very dangerous…

Mikoto repeats, dangerous? The rep says that Mikoto looked into Iroha-sama’s eyes, didn’t she…? Those…strange, bewitching, beautiful eyes…! Even different from Mizuchi-sama’s, those alluring eyes…ahh!


Mikoto says, er, alluring? The rep continues – when you look into that person’s eyes, you’ll turn strange. Those are really the devil’s eyes. Mikoto says with a sweatdrop, really…huh.  She thinks his eyes are pretty, but…

The rep yells that that’s – Mikoto’s the weird one here! Haa…Iroha-sama makes all of the minamo turn strange like this. Only Momotose-sama alone is not done in by that devilishness…! Ah…no, it’s no good… She passes out.

Mikoto thinks, the devil’s eyes…? She’s not affected at all… – And, how did…! Not just the minamo in her class, but the ones in the hallways have fainted as well!? Iroha-san is…truly alarming…

> Greenhouse

Mikoto thinks that she’s always surprised every time she comes here. For there to be such a large greenhouse…it’s as if it’s a botanical garden. Huh – that person over there is – Mizuchi-san? What’s he doing over there by himself?


He recites a Saigyo poem:

水底に深く緑の色見えて 風に浪よる河柳かな…。

I can see the green hues of the river willows
like waves in the wind on the depths of the ocean floor…

{This is line four of a 12-line “Poem of plants” tanka from the same collection as some of the other Saigyo poems.}

Everything goes dark before bursting into bright light, and then it begins raining inside the greenhouse. Mikoto is stunned – it’s so beautiful! Could this have been Mizuchi’s doing? It’s amazing! Can she watch him like this for a bit longer?


She feels that his expression’s softer than how it always is. …So he can also make that kind of face. It’s surprising since she she never sees anything other than his severe expression. Even so, he really is a good-looking person. He’s tall, and there is an elegance to his movements, so to say… It’s mesmerizing.

The people of the Five Brights are not normal people – she feels that they have a mysterious charm that fascinates and attracts others. In that sense, they’re like flowers. They shine radiantly, or something like that… It’d be nice to be like that. She wants to watch Mizuchi a bit more…

Suddenly he notices her there. Whoops. She apologizes. She…came to get something she forgot, and then she saw Mizuchi-san here and ended up…uh…

He stares at her silently. She thinks, oh no, what should she do? She must have surprised him just now. Since he’s staring at her like that, no words are coming out of her throat. And then her chest feels… She has to get a hold of herself and actually talk to him, really she does…

He says that since he sprinkled water in this area, there won’t be any proper footing. So she shouldn’t get closer and…

She moves closer, asking, what was that just now? Wh – ahh! And she slips and hits the ground.


Mizuchi makes an exclamation of surprise as she mumbles several ‘ouch’es. He apologizes – he should have told her earlier. Mikoto says that no, it’s because she wasn’t being careful enough and…ow! She scraped her hip against the concrete rubble… She must have fallen right where the utsurohi disturbance had occurred… Why is she so clumsy… {And oblivious, and so not genre savvy, and all the other things that are the hallmarks of an otome game heroine? I dunno, man.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯}

Mizuchi, whose face is a bit close to hers, asks if she landed on the concrete. Can she stand? She immediately responds with a yes…but fails. It seems like she can’t. He takes a breath. She says not to worry – it’s just this kind of injury, so if she sits still for a moment it should get better.

He tells her not to jump to such a hasty conclusion. She should definitely be examined by a doctor. And moreover, she’s soaked, isn’t she. If she stays like this she’ll catch a cold. She says, no, she’s fi – achoo! Uh… {omg girl really now.} No, really, she’s fine – she’s… Mizuchi starts murmuring to himself:

To leave a lady alone in this kind of situation will not do… The situation at that time was different, but… All the same… In the time it takes to bring a stretcher, the fact that she will become cold is also… However…

Mikoto asks him what’s wrong. {Nothing except for the fact that I’m choking on my laughter. Nothing at all.} He takes a sharp inhale and says that there is no other way, then asks her to close her eyes. She acquiesces – and then wait, what!? He’s carrying her bridal style. She shrieks – M-Mizuchi-san…!?


He says in a harsh voice, he said to close her eyes! With a blush, she does so. But if she’s being carried by Mizuchi-san, then she’ll still be embarrassed even if she closes her eyes!

He apologizes… He has broken the rule that he imposed regarding her. In confusion, she asks, regarding her…? He replies that on the day of the ceremony, he said that he would not touch her, did he not. …Thus, how should he make amends for this? Mikoto exclaims, the day of the ceremony!? Don’t tell her, he was trying to uphold that this entire time…

She thinks that he’d only said it once, and yet he’s upheld it up until now. Then, his aloofness this entire time…was for the sake of that rule?

He says that it’s unpleasant, isn’t it. She says, ‘unpleasant’…as if that could be possible! …Uhm, rather, isn’t Mizuchi-san the one who feels unpleasant here… He says that sort of thing is unimaginable.

However…he is deeply sorry. If she was to become tainted due to him doing something such as this… Mikoto says that sort of thing couldn’t happen! He says, is that so. Still, she will have to endure this until they reach the nurse’s office.

She thinks, panicked – he really does mean to go to the nurse’s office like this! Now what… Though being ungracious at this point would be bad…wouldn’t it. It’d be like she was refusing his feelings, even though he broke his rule in order to bring her here… It’s embarrassing, but it might be better to just quietly listen to him without complaint.

He’s been looking forward this entire time so as not to allow her to enter his line of sight. Maybe he’s paying close attention to where they’re going, rather, for her sake? {Uhm, that’s a charitable way of thinking about it.}

He’s holding her really tightly against him… Since her clothes are still damp, she can feel excess body heat from him. It’s embarrassing………

She notices as an afterthought that has really strong hands… He seems kind of slender and delicate so she wasn’t expecting him to be so strong.

Suddenly Mizuchi gasps and says this is bad. Mikoto asks just what is. He just clams up with a grunt, which only confuses her…doesn’t he seem kind of angry? Really, she can’t figure him out… {Maybeeeee that is for the best after all…}

A bunch of female students kyaa-kyaa shriek – Mizuchi-sama is carrying a woman in his arms! Just what is this!? Mikoto thinks, crap, everyone’s looking… She says as much to Mizuchi. He merely states that someone is being carried. It is bound to draw some looks. Mikoto thinks that no, that’s…not quite it…

The girls continue to shriek his name. He shouts at them to be silent – talking in the hallways is banned! Mikoto thinks, that’s not it, Mizuchi-san… Yeah, she really should just keep her eyes closed, and she hopes that they get to the nurse’s office before everyone misunderstands…!

{Gah I’m dying. Dying.}

> Momotose’s room

She knocks and enters, but Momotose greets her with a huge grin – she’s heard! It seems that at lunchtime, Mizuchi was walking boastfully as he carried the senki candidate – bridal-style, yes?


Mikoto shouts, just why has this story taken off like this! Momotose says that that’s how rumors travel within schools. He’s a late bloomer, but even Mizuchi is not to be overlooked. Mikoto says that this is a misunderstanding. That was…

Momotose smiles and says it was a joke. She’s heard from the doctor. Is her hip all right? Mikoto looks down and says it is. She was told that with that kind of impact, it would be fine if she just rested for a bit. But the bigger issue is that…tomorrow, the looks from everyone will be rather frightening. Momotose says to be boldfaced without apology. After all, the two of them are partners.


Mikoto repeats, partners… She says that they absolutely don’t have a relationship where she has that sort of standing. But she feels like she got a better sense of it today, a little bit. Of why everyone loves Mizuchi so dearly. Ah, she doesn’t understand all of it yet. But Mizuchi-san’s not as scary a person as she’d thought… She apologizes for saying something like that about one of the Five Brights.

Momotose says that no, the Five Brights are also human. Be sure to learn a lot about Mizuchi for his sake. She herself does not know that much about him. Mikoto goes, even Momotose-san doesn’t?

She says that yes – his household is rather strange. It’s said that they have peculiar rules… See, he has that eyepatch, does he not? That too is a rule of some sort. Mikoto says, so he wears that eyepatch due to a rule of his family? Momotose tells her, yes, but she doesn’t know any more than that.

Mikoto thinks, she didn’t know that. The rules of Mizuchi’s household…just what is it about them?

Day 13

> Courtyard

Mikoto sees Himeutsugi in the distance. One of the Gekkougumi students tells him he did great in his last match! It was a huge victory. Hime smiles and says that it’s thanks to everyone rooting for him, and thanks them again. The students all kyaa-kyaa shriek.

Mikoto thinks, a tennis club match? Is that what they’re talking about? And for him to be completely surrounded by female students like that…wow.

Suddenly Hime walks up to her and asks her if something’s wrong. Is something troubling her? She looks down and demurs, then blushes a tiny bit and asks if he’s ever been in love. His eyes widen – love? That’s rather abrupt.

Then he smiles. Hm, let’s see… He’s loves all of the minamo in the Gekkougumi. She says, he loves…everyone? He nods. They’re all his beloved darlings. As for Mikoto-chan, she loves Mizuchi, doesn’t she?

She reacts with surprise and a blush. Hime laughs and says that love begins when you still aren’t aware of it yourself. Later! He walks away. Mikoto thinks, when you still aren’t aware of it yourself…? But the love that Himeutsugi-san was talking about seems somewhat different… Love – really is difficult.

> The Five Brights’ rooms

Mizuchi acknowledges her. What reason does she have for coming here?

Regarding Himeutsugi「姫空木のこと」

Ever since Hime entered Kaen, he hasn’t changed at all. He has his carefree points, but he’s a guy who deeply considers other people’s feelings and pays attention to them.

He smiles. Hime always compensates for the times when Mizuchi’s own words are lacking. He does so as though it is nothing. He’s a modest, good-natured guy.

Nevertheless, it’s as though he turns into a different person once he does Hana Awase. When fighting, he employs extreme and daring tactics. He would not want to face him as an opponent. {…yyyyep.}

Mikoto thinks that he looks happy talking like this…  Maybe it’s because he has so much faith in Himeutsugi-san.

Nothing in particular「特にありません」

She thanks him with a smile and leaves.

> Momotose’s room

Momotose welcomes her. She’s really happy that she came to visit! Her face falls as she apologizes. Unfortunately, Onosada-sensei called for her just now. Mikoto says that she’ll come again later, then.

Momotose runs after her, asking her to wait just a moment. If it’s not too much trouble, could she ask her for a favor? She wonders if she could deliver these shirts to Iroha.

Mikoto is shocked at the number of them. Momotose explains that Iroha is indifferent to what he wears. Since he does things like wear uniforms that have become dirty from kabatsu, she gets him new ones. {“Kabatsu” (花伐) is written with the kanji for flower and attack/punish. You’ll find out what it is later.}

Mikoto thinks that Momotose’s mentality is affecting her as well. To go as far as taking care of these matters for him, though…Momotose-san must be quite close to Iroha-san. Momotose makes a fierce face – just now, Mikoto misunderstood something, didn’t she? There’s nothing like that between her and Iroha! After all, she likes her muse much more.

Mikoto smiles and says that she likes Momotose as well. She says she’s delighted. They have a mutual love! She giggles. This makes her truly happy.

Mikoto watches her dancing away… Does one call it mutual love even among close friends…? Momotose-san resembles Ai-chan. Their personalities are completely different, but they’re both very direct in certain ways. At any rate, she should take these to Iroha-san…

She knocks on the door, and Iroha asks what is it. She says it’s Mikoto – she was entrusted by Momotose-san to come deliver these shirts. He tells her to leave them on the desk, then opens the door. She enters, and…!? T-this…is one of the Five Brights’ rooms…right?


{Sadly, my living area makes this look pretty clean. >_____>; Sigh five-month winters with only one proper heater. Will clean…soon.}

There’s a ton of stuff scattered about… She takes a step forward and steps on something…a cookie container? But, wow…Iroha-san…is bad at cleaning, huh. Well…she’s going to leave it at that without fussing over it…or so she thinks, even as she keeps looking all over the room in amazement.

Being alone with Iroha-san makes her kind of nervous… It’s different from feeling intimidated – maybe she could say it’s like a feeling of apprehension. This aura, perhaps.

She zooms in on a particular box – it’s pretty. What is it, she wonders? Iroha asks if she likes that box. She startles because his face is so close. She says, konpeitou – candy. Does he like sweet things?

He says that things that enter your mouth are all the same. However, he ingests a lot of them because sweetness has good efficiency. Mikoto thinks, sweetness? She can’t picture Iroha-san eating sweet things.

He asks if she likes them. She tells him that her grandpa did. He said they’re small and cute. When she was young, she would also eat them together with him. When she opened wide, he would throw them into her mouth and feed her. She also enjoyed the various colors and would end up eating too many…

Iroha says, to smile just at eating konpeitou. Is it that enjoyable of a memory. She says, yes, very much so. He says he understands, and tells her to tilt her face up. She does so and asks, like…this? Then she splutters – he’s putting his fingers in her mouth!?

He tells her in his typical flat tone not to move. He won’t be able to place them well. She gives a muffled affirmative as he puts in more konpeitou. He asks, is it sweet. She goes, mnnph…v – very. She thinks, don’t tell her he’s trying to reproduce the impact of the memory? But this position that they’re in…it’s embarrassing!

He murmurs that she’s not smiling. She’s confused. He says, perhaps it’s not enough. He’ll put more in – and promptly stuffs several more in her mouth. Mikoto barely manages to say, after a few failures, that this is fine, and thanks him.

Iroha says that if she likes, she can take the box with her. She asks, mouth still stuffed with candies, if it’s really okay. He says that he does not mind. He has even more replacements. She thinks, when he says ‘even more’…could he possibly have a sweet tooth?

Mikoto says that she will take them then, and thanks him again. Iroha murmurs with a slight rising tone that she almost looks like a festival balloon. {The ones full of water with a string at the end that kids tie to their finger and bounce around like a toy.} Her eyes widen and she makes a muffled exclamation before quickly going out the door.

Outside, she thinks about how surprised she was. For that Iroha to go and do something like that was – unexpected. And saying that she looked like a festival balloon…oooh. She got to see another weird side to Iroha-san.

Back in his room, Iroha murmurs to himself, “…Sweet.”


{Like maybe it’s ’cause they were playing the melancholy bittersweet memory music there, but something about the end especially was just oh my god Iroha my baby you alskdjglkdjljkd. Something. Sigh.}

Day 14

> Greenhouse

Mikoto hears a beautiful sound, like a strange chime or ringing tone. She then sees a bunch of iridescent butterflies. They’re beautiful! They shine with the colors of the rainbow. What kind of butterfly are they?


One of the chairmen appears and asks her what she’s doing. She’s surprised at seeing one of them, then uhms at trying to identify him. He says that he’s Kintoki. She apologizes, and thinks that since their faces are the same, she might not be able to figure out which one he is even if she asks…

She comments that the butterflies are very beautiful, so she ended up staring at them. He says, they are beautiful, aren’t they? He raised them until they grew wings, these lovely creatures. She repeats, the chairman raised them…!? Up until they grew wings, even – that’s amazing. He says, isn’t it? She can praise him more. She laughs nervously and says okay.

He tells her, look at how they’re enjoying themselves while dancing about. Intersecting with each other, from flower to flower… It’s a dance for connecting to the next life. They are but small lives, he thinks, but still exquisitely beautiful…

Mikoto thinks that the butterflies whirling about really are magical. It’s as if she’s dreaming. When she looks at the chairman like this, he looks younger than her…but that’s not so, isn’t it. …She wonders how old he is?

Kintoki says that if she knew, she would not be allowed in this school. He explains that he can see what she’s thinking and the like. But more than that, just when is she going to awaken as the senki candidate?

She looks down in silence. He says that she was not welcomed to this school on a whim. It was for the purpose of making her awaken as the senki candidate. To achieve this, he is supporting her. She apologizes.

He says that Mizuchi has the skill to be able to serve the emperor someday. It is enough to be the kaei chosen by the onifuda to awaken the senki candidate.  Mikoto says sadly that the problem is her, isn’t it… He says without malice, well, it’s the both of you. You and he are probably lacking something.  The two of you had best contemplate this and figure out what it is.

He then walks off, saying he will amuse himself with his butterflies and telling them to follow him.

Mikoto watches the butterflies gather around him. Somehow it looks like they’re embracing him? The chairman…really is a strange and mysterious person. Sigh…that aside, it’s just as the chairman said. She knows that things can’t just keep going like this, but what should she do differently… If she could just figure out what she’s lacking…

> Courtyard {only available from days 11-14}

She sees Mizuchi with Onosada-sensei. Onosada asks him, sooooo, how was it? Did it go well with the senki candidate-sama? Mizuchi asks him just what he means by ‘well’. Onosada says that he’s rather dense, isn’t he. He’s asking whether he’s laid a hand on his partner yet. She might not have much sex appeal, but she’s got a nice body, eh? So, given that – maybe a massage, or something like that, hm?

Mizuchi says that sensei’s words bear insult to a lady. He would like for him to stop saying such things. Onosada says that it’s fine. It’s not like Mizuchi hates her, right? And on the flip side he’s a young high school student, so how could he not partake of a meal that’s sitting right before him…

A bush rustles as she walks past, and Onosada goes, ah, it’s the senki candidate. Mizuchi startles, and excuses himself with a fierce voice! And runs off. Onosada grumbles and says that he only needed just a bit more… Mikoto asks just what he means by that…geez. He says, for Mizuchi’s vita sexualis.

Mikoto goes, “…..uh?” Onosada says that he’s a little too inexperienced so there’s a few things here and there to worry about. He needs an adult to properly teach him these things, he adds with a huge laugh.

Mikoto thinks that she doesn’t really get what’s going on, but she does get that this is some kind of unnecessary assistance…

> Fixed event, Mikoto’s room


Her cell phone rings, and she picks up. Shou-kun!? She was just thinking of calling him, so she’s a little surprised. He asks her what’s up; has anything happened? She turns red and falls silent, and goes, hey, you…know. H-has he ever fallen in love before?

He goes, w-what, Mikoto! She…could she have possibly – that Kaen guy!? No, she says – it’s not like that! And it’s not that person…that’s wrong, too. Uhm, how should she say it. Shou tells himself – calm down, deep breaths, calm down… Mikoto asks him what’s wrong. She has something she’d like to ask him about! But…

Fade to black and skip ahead; Mikoto finishes with, so that’s how it is. Shou says, so, you’re saying that you became interested in the partner that you got paired with. Mikoto wonders if that’s so…she doesn’t know whether she’s interested in him like that at all. And uhm, that person is very serious and diligent, and talented, and dearly loved by everyone in their class…

“But he’s a little scary, I guess. He never smiles and he’s strict. He’s also tall, so…I feel uneasy when I’m near him, as if – like I’ll end up getting pulled in.” Ah, but he’s really a nice person, though. When she fell down and ended up unable to move, and when she collapsed, he helped her out. She doesn’t hate him or anything like that.

Shou lets out a deep exhale. She says that it’d be kind of strange if these mere things amount to love. She still doesn’t really know anything about him yet…

Shou says that her answer’s already come out, hasn’t it. She reacts with confusion. He says that up until now she’s never really paid a lot of attention to other people. But she wants to know more, doesn’t she, about this guy. She goes, “…Yeah.”

He sighs…he really shouldn’t have let her go to Kaen. He knew that the moment he let his eyes off her, something like this would end up happening… Argh. God, he’s such an idiot. Mikoto asks him what he’s grumbling about. He responds in a huff that he’s never thought that her obliviousness was a good thing until now , which only prompts a “huh?” from her.

He tells her, all right, Mikoto? If you’ve gotten interested, see it to the end. If she gets to know everything about the guy and cuts down the opponent’s attempts to block and counter, she’ll figure out if it’s love or not without any nonsense.

She says that sounds kind of unprecise and sketchy. Is it really like that? He says, well, her answer already slipped out and all. She angrily replies that she doesn’t get what he’s saying! He’s being mean. He fiercely replies that he can’t believe she’s ungrateful after he gave her all that advice as a proper childhood friend. He won’t go and congratulate her or whatever even if it goes well. He’s gonna go sleep! Later!

She says to hold on a se…! Geez, that Shou. But, getting to know everything about Mizuchi, huh… Okay. She’ll try her best on their date this weekend.

Day 15

> Courtyard

Is that person over there Mizuchi-san? It should be okay if she goes and starts a conversation with him. …All right! She psychs herself up, then goes and says good afternoon.

He asks her, what? and she starts to stutter. She frantically wonders what to do…now that they’re face to face she doesn’t know what she should talk about. In addition, since he’s this tall…she’s gotten timid now that she’s this close to him. She stammers again.

Mizuchi steps closer – does she have some sort of problem with him? She quickly answers no, none at all. Just…

He asks her, why is she mumbling? Is there a problem. What should he do to improve himself? Go ahead and tell him. He continues to walk towards her, and she mentally freaks out at how he keeps getting closer! …! There aren’t any problems, she yelps! She apologizes and tries to excuse herself.

He tells her to wait. Why is she apologizing? Is there a reason for it? She says no, that’s not it. Uhm… He raises his voice – just why is she frightened! Is there something about him that…! She shrieks and tells him she’s sorry!


{Hime, with the expression that I think is on all of our faces at the moment.}

Hime appears and says, yes, yes, that’s enough. Mizuchi says his name questioningly. Hime says, hey, you know. When a guy like you with a scowl on keeps drawing closer like that, the girl will end up getting scared. You should smile, you know. Smile.


…Mizuchi says, is it that you’re afraid of me. Mikoto looks away and says that she thought he was angry or something…she’s really sorry. He makes a bit of a strangled sound. Then he closes his eye, looking rather downcast, and says with a likewise tone, “There is nothing I can do to fix my face.”


{pft bbl choking on my own laughter and dying ahahahahahaha}

Mikoto hurriedly says that she didn’t mean to be rude… Hime says it’s okay, it’s okay. Mizuchi also needs to learn how to deal with women. Mikoto says Hime’s name exasperatedly, and thinks that Mizuchi doesn’t have to worry about this kind of thing.

> Courtyard

Kurenai and Kintoki are in the courtyard. Mikoto catches the tail end of their conversation, when Kintoki says, “…and that’s how it is. Be certain not to forget, Kurenai.” Kurenai walks away (in her direction) and goes, huh, like he cares. Kurenai-sama does what he wants.

Mikoto makes a sound of distress. He exhales deeply. Kintoki chides him – he understands, doesn’t he? Kurenai grins – yeah, yeah, he understands. …God, every last one of them… He sighs again.


She notices how he’s giving her a really sharp look, and uhms a little. After a long pause, he goes, “…Hmph. I-diot.” {Pfthahaha he sounds like a little brat here oh Kurenai you…brat. -_-} Then he smacks her on the rear, and she shrieks. She’s got a nice ass, he comments, as he leaves with a laugh.

Kintoki says, oh dear. That guy will quickly put his hands on any female that he’s become interested in, like a guy who’s in mating season year-round. Mikoto says it seems that he’s once again said something really… and trails off. Kintoki says cheerfully that he’s like a mutation not of their lineage. He’s a funny guy, isn’t he?

Mikoto says, rather than saying he’s funny, it bothers her that he’d touch her on her rear end. He says it’s not a big deal, and tells her to let him touch it as well. {Really now, chairman.} She says she doesn’t want to! He remarks that her guard’s rather high. Well, perhaps she gets full marks since she’s the senki candidate. She thinks, it’s the problem that started before that, chairman…

Kintoki tells her that he has decided to warn Kurenai only when his actions are too severe. Then, farewell! He slaps her on the butt as he leaves, garnering a scream. She yells at the chairman – please don’t take advantage of the situation to slap her on the butt! He runs off. She thinks that somehow, Karakurenai-san and the chairman are similar…

> Fixed event, grounds

Mikoto sees Iroha and Mizuchi. Running into the two of them together like this… Does this mean they’re investigating again? It’s a bit overwhelming because of how tall the both of them are… The aura is also incredible. It’s somehow difficult to get closer to them…but she wants to know about Mizuchi, so…okay, here goes. She greets them good afternoon.

Mizuchi gives a low exhale. She says his name questioningly and wonders if something happened. Both of their expressions are…


Iroha says that the day before, the body of the man who had started that conflict with her in the park was discovered. …His body was dried up. Mikoto is taken aback. Mizuchi says that man was an adabana. Iroha-sama has shown that there is a connection between this chain of events. …Which includes Aoi’s case as well.

Mikoto asks, just what does this mean!? Iroha says that all of them had targeted the senki candidate. She takes a sharp breath – but…it couldn’t be…

Mizuchi says that an adabana is not able to wither ordinary people so easily. Only a kaei teamed up with an adabana can do such a thing. And when a purge occurs, a report to the country is mandatory. Nevertheless, the country has said that it has not received such a report from a kaei.

Then, Mikoto says, that means they don’t know who the culprit is? Mizuchi says that they are urgently investigating. He has no intention of allowing anything dangerous to happen to her.

Iroha says, that determination is sufficient. All the same, the senki candidate is to be barred from stepping outside the premises. If she was attacked outside of Kaei’s barrier, they would not be able to bear the burden of responsibility. She somberly says she understands, and Iroha leaves.

Mikoto thinks that being forbidden from going outside…means they’re unable to go to the place they chose for their weekend date, doesn’t it. No, more importantly right now…

Mizuchi says to her that Iroha-sama has adopted the best policy. She says that yes, he…has. It’s just that…she —

She wonders, why did she become a senki candidate. Even though she did, it doesn’t mean she has any powers as a minamo. There aren’t any signs that she’s awakening as the senki, either. She can’t seem to live up to the expectations of the chairmen and everyone… And she’s been a nuisance for Mizuchi, as well.

…It would have been better if she was simply a minamo and not the senki candidate. No…not even a minamo – if she were still a normal high school student, then none of this would have ended up happening. If she hadn’t come to Kaen, then these incidents would not have occurred… Nobody would have gotten hurt or anything…! If she wasn’t the senki candidate…it would have been better, it really would have. It’s her fault that things turned out like this…

Suddenly her vision blurs. She’s crying. That’s strange…why. She apologizes to Mizuchi – she didn’t mean to cry…this is really shameful…!


He tells her with a sad expression, taking her hands in his, don’t overdo it. She blinks in shock, before saying she’s sorr – …. Sorry…

He says, softly, that no one can see her if she cries here. He will wait until she calms down. She manages an ‘okay’ before a fresh wave of tears.

She thinks that his hands are large, warm…nice. They make her feel safe when wrapped around hers like this. Slowly, she’s…starting to calm down.

He says that she is really doing her best. …However, she has a tendency to push herself too far. Whenever he sees her, he perilously starts to worry. She thinks, just now, what… Mizuchi, worried? About her? And he said he always does, at that?

He says that she is not responsible for this chain of events. There may be several unsettling concerns, but he will also endeavor to bring things to a close. And so…he wishes for her to believe in him.

Mikoto thinks about his wish. For him to say something like that – no. She’s trusted him this entire time…ah. She really meant that this entire time, but perhaps Mizuchi couldn’t see that at all, from his point of view…

If it’s like what the class rep told her before, that she doesn’t convey her feelings to other people as well as she thinks she does…What should she do so that she can convey them, then? Her feelings – her trust in Mizuchi-san. …

He says her name with concern, but she merely thanks him. With a smile, she says that she trusts him, and asks him to protect her. She loses her strength quickly – so please, lend her support.


Mizuchi takes a very deep breath. Is…that so. …She…really is a strange person. He resolutely says her name. He will not let her regret being at Kaen or being one of the Koukokugumi minamo. And for that purpose…he, Mizuchi, will protect her even at the cost of his own life.

She looks at him in shock, then agrees with a smile and says that she’s in his hands once again, then. She thinks that Mizuchi’s words are soaking into her chest, one by one. His words have absolutely no falsehood in them. Because of that, she’ll respond with emotions free of falsehood as well.

She has…always wanted to depend on someone, hasn’t she. It’s embarrassing and pathetic, but this is the real her. She wants Mizuchi to know this. To learn about her weak points. …Will he, for her sake? She also wants to know more about him. Rather than wanting to know if she feels like or love towards him, this might be the most important thing right now instead.

Back to reality, Mizuchi asks, so, is that all right? Mikoto-kun. She stumbles a yes and thinks – this is bad, she spaced out again. Now of all times…

Mizuchi says, then, starting from tomorrow he will move to accompany her when classes are over. Mikoto responds with: …eh?

He says that he will not be separated from her for even one moment except for when they are in class or the dorms. He will eliminate every danger that nears her. He trusts that this will do from tomorrow onwards.

He smiles. Mikoto thinks, eh, eh……will not be separated for even one moment…? …..Ehh————–!?

Day 16

> Classroom

Himeutsugi greets Mikoto. She asks him with surprise what’s going on. He says, hm, he’s just searching for Mizuchi. He thought that surely he came here since he’s concerned about her, or something like that.

Mikoto says, about her? Hime says, yes, about you. Mikoto responds with a question mark. Hime says, she’s not happy? She says no, it’s more like she doesn’t understand why he would be concerned about her, so…

Hime’s eyes widen as he takes a breath. With a smile, he asks – does she like Mizuchi? She repeats with a blush, ‘Like…’? Ah, yes! Her expression turns fierce – She really respects him. It’s just – she’s still inexperienced as his partner, and as a minamo, so…she would like to catch up to him, just a little.


Hime makes that shocked expression again. She continues – she’ll study all she can, so that she won’t be a hindrance to Mizuchi… Hime gives an awkward laugh {don’t worry Hime I’m dying too} before saying that ah, good. Uhm, he gets it. Mikoto is confused.

Hime murmurs to himself that a pair of dunces is a bit difficult. His responsibilities may be grave indeed. Well, work hard. Later!

He walks away, leaving her calling out his name in confusion. Just what was that?

> Greenhouse

{I wanted to time this scene after day 17, but there weren’t enough free actions, grr >_o Just imagine it after that day’s happenings, mnkay? It makes it more poignantly melancholy cough.}

Mikoto yawns; she’s sleepy. She stayed up all night before her test… The greenhouse is warm… And this chair feels just right – if she lies on her side, it’ll be a good length. It should be okay to close her eyes just for a little bit. Just for a little bit… Just a… ……….bit…

Sometime later, she yawns and stretches. She really slept well… Huh? She feels a little cold…

She opens her eyes to Mizuchi saying that she’s too careless, and she shrieks his name. He chides her – sleeping by herself in a place like this, just what would she have done if something happened. She quickly stands up and apologizes – she accidentally…

He says she’s been sound asleep here for three hours. She’s the senki candidate, so she should really stay more focused. She goes, three hours…!? Gah, it’s already this late!?

He walks away, telling her not to waste her time. She responds with a dejected yes… And thinks, huh? Now that she thinks about it…why did Mizuchi-san know that she slept here for three hours? {…*facepalm*}

> Classroom (SKIPPED SCENE)

{Another scene that I really recommend. Also happens to be a Kurenai one. Damnit game y u no let me fit everything in one playthrough huh >_o}

Mikoto thinks she has bad luck for a teacher to call her out just before she got to the classroom… Being told to take these papers up to the 3rd years’ floor and everything… Uh, where is the classroom that the teacher specified, again? She’s nervous being on this floor.

She finds the classroom and enters it, and is relieved that no one’s there. It should be fine if she leaves these papers in this area…phew.

Then a snore rings out, startling her. She looks over to see…Kurenai…dozing and snoring away. K-Karakurenai-san!?

She realizes, oh no, this was his class!? Gah. He’s sleeping away impressively… Don’t tell her he’s been napping here this entire time? She’ll just leave quickly before getting mixed up with him…

He murmurs her name, which really startles her. He mumbles, come here…you…belong to Kurenai-sama…and then he goes back to snoring. Mikoto thinks, what sleeptalking… Just exactly what kind of dream is he having? She’s getting this weird chill…

> Fixed event, Momotose’s room

Momotose says with a grin that the rumors are all over the school. About Mizuchi. Mikoto looks down with a blush and says, they are, aren’t they. Momotose says the two of them are together during breaks, naturally, and on the way to school as well…aren’t they completely and utterly a couple by now?

Mikoto says that no, there are circumstances…how should she say it, uhm… Momotose says, dismayed, even though she had always enjoyed walking to and from school with her muse! But if there are circumstances, then it simply can’t be helped. She and Mikoto should be able to talk to each other in the dorms.

At any rate, she didn’t know that Mizuchi had such a passionate side to him. He’s already completely absorbed in her muse! Mikoto goes erm – the truth is a little different. It’s more out of a sense of duty, so to say…

Though, she thinks, although she said that, he’s been accompanying her the entire time these past few days… It’s because he’s worried about her, but…everyone around her will surely get the wrong idea. Saying something like “I’ll protect you even if it costs me my own life”…going as far as that is…

Even she’ll get the wrong idea with his constant, uninterrupted supervision. It’s as if, towards her, Mizuchi-san is…  But if she really did misunderstand…with that Mizuchi-san…

Momotose says that her face is bright red. Mikoto looks away. This is no good, she moans inwardly – why is she thinking about this kind of thing! …Sigh. She mentally pleads with Mizuchi-san not to be so nice to her. Otherwise she’ll end up thinking weird things…

Speaking of weird things, she has that dream with the Half-Moon every night. The Half-Moon…maybe he really is Mizuchi-san. Though it’s painful to watch, whenever Mizuchi-san is clutching at his eye in agony… She hopes she doesn’t see that dream tonight.

> Fixed event, Five Brights’ rooms

At night, Hime visits Mizuchi and goes, oh hey, half of the officially recognized couple. Mizuchi asks him what he’s talking about. Hime says, oh, no, I wonder. Hasn’t it already been settled regarding Mizuchi and her. Wherever you go, you’ll see those two flirting…stuff like that’s also floating around.

Mizuchi says, that manner of speaking is rude to her. Hime says that Mizuchi’s not that annoyed, isn’t he? He responds that he can’t neglect her. Without him protecting her, just who would? Hime’s expression grows sober as he says that Mizuchi’s serious, isn’t he. Mizuchi repeats, serious – what does he mean by that.

Hime grins – congratulations! The rest is up to her. Mizuchi says, Hime, just what are you…but Hime takes the opportunity to leave. Mizuchi mutters that Hime’s a guy that he really doesn’t understand…………..


Suddenly he doubles over, clutching his eye…what is this – his eye is…!? After a moment, he breathes deeply and says it has settled. Maybe it’s his imagination…that lately, his eye has been throbbing violently. And also… He exhales. He dropped it somewhere… He must find it soon.

Day 17

{Note: There are no free actions today.}

> Classroom

The class rep gives Mikoto the results of their last quiz. She’s happy to see she got an 85! The rep goes, well, at this rate, and during such a short period of time…she wonders. Within this period, Onosada-sensei also praised her for her aptitude. Mikoto says in surprise, sensei did!?

The rep says he’s a person who recognizes students who do things properly. It is extremely rare to be praised by him. She’s jealous. Mikoto thinks that Onosada-sensei never reveals such sentiment before her, though. But she’s still happy.

The class rep says, well, maybe it’s a given since she’s been studying one-on-one with Mizuchi-sama… Is she going to the library today as well? Mikoto blushes warmly and says that yeah, since he’ll be waiting for her…

A female student yells that she heard that, and latches onto Mikoto, startling her. Another one sighs…she’s jealous that she always gets to be together with him! Ahh, but, if she had the chance to do something like that then she’d get so nervous that she wouldn’t even know what she could talk to him about!

Mikoto says that there are a fair amount of things to talk about. Like Kasen strategy, or information regarding minamo, or… The second student says, not that kind of thing! They mean his interests or his favorite foods or…ahh, she wants to ask and see!

Mikoto asks, if they knew about that stuff, then what would they do with that information? The first student splutters, just – what, you! If you’re Mizuchi-sama’s minamo then you’d naturally want to know that kind of stuff, right!? Isn’t wanting to know everything about the person you love how a maiden’s heart works!

Mikoto thinks, is that so…wanting to know means that this sort of thing, huh. {No. No it doesn’t. Trust me, chica, it doesn’t. Do not get such information from rabid sycophantic fangirls I am telling youuu.} She thought she just wanted to know more about Mizuchi-san, but maybe she’s been mistaken?

The second student goes, so here, take this! Mikoto wonders what this paper is…whoa, it’s jam-packed with writing! Uhm… She reads aloud, ‘100 questions for Mizuchi-sama?’ The student says that she surveyed all of the minamo in the Koukokugumi. She should try to get this private information out of Mizuchi-sama for them, as their representative!

Mikoto says, hold on…! Why her!? The student responds that well she’s Mizuchi-sama’s minamo and all! Mizuchi-sama is the person with the highest guard of all the Five Brights. She’s become their opening! The first student says that the information she receives will allow them to furnish a scoop in the school newspaper titled “Mizuchi’s minamo report”.

Mikoto looks over more of the questions… Bust, weight, hip measurements… Shoe size? Whoa…he’s not going to tell her that much. The first student argues, isn’t it her mission to ask! Since she’s together with him so much all this time, he’s opened up to her at least a little, hasn’t he?

Mikoto manages an erm. Opening up to her…she doesn’t think that he really has, but…who knows. The second student says, a-ny-way! and asks her to try her best and come back with as many questions covered as she can. They’re counting on her. They leave, as she sighs and wonders what to do.

The class rep says with a sad, serious look that it’s something that also troubles those girls, too. They must know that given Mizuchi-sama’s personality, he may not tell her anything, yet even so they try. There is one minamo who is the closest to him. She alone will end up bearing the full brunt of this. Aoi-sama was forced to bear this hardship as well, she thinks.

Mikoto gets it. It must have been hard for Aoi-san… The rep says that people also say that Mizuchi-sama’s background has been such an enigma only because of this, though. Iroha-sama has Momotose-sama, while Himeutsugi-sama and Karakurenai-sama themselves give out such information, but only Mizuchi-sama has had no such stories told about himself.

Mikoto is surprised. Is that so? Not even from Himeutsugi-san, his close friend? The rep says that he told them he was forbidden to speak about it. Since they are starved for information, the Koukokugumi minamo are more extreme than the other classes. They want to know about Mizuchi-sama with all of their being and so they run wild… Rebuking those minamo running amok is also difficult, sigh…

Mikoto thinks that the class rep faces her own hardships as well… But the sheer volume of these questions… He probably won’t answer, won’t he.

After classes end, Mikoto thinks she’d better hurry to the library. If she gets there too late, then Mizuchi-san will worry and end up coming to get her. He did that once before and it caused a huge uproar in her classroom.

Since they really would get suspected of something if the two of them were by themselves the entire time, which is a given, they decided that they would study in the library with him tutoring her, but…she did not expect that Mizuchi-san would be this thorough. He’s completely overprotective, so to say. She wonders if he’ll answer these sorts of questions for her…

Suddenly Mikoto runs into Kurenai in the hallway and worries about what she should do… He asks her, why is she so frightened? Senki candidate-sama. She demurs, looking away, and excuses herself. He asks, is she scared? She says nothing.

He tells her not to be so guarded. She is such a precious senki candidate that the chairmen have warned him not to lay a hand on her. It’s completely like the treatment of a rare specimen. So, has she already finished mating with the essential Mizuchi?

She stares at him in shock. Probably not, eh, he says with a smirk. That virgin bastard wouldn’t have the guts…

She stammers out, please do not insult Mizuchi-san like that! Kurenai makes a questioning sound. She gathers up her strength and says it’s fine to insult her, but she would like him to please stop saying those kinds of things about that person! Besides, the senki candidate and her partner don’t have that kind of relationship.

Oh? he says – it seems like she’s been tamed very well. Mizuchi’s surprisingly good at training animals. Mikoto responds, t…training!?

Kurenai gives her a low look and says, “Mikoto, Kurenai-sama has no interest in other guys’ women. So for me, Kurenai-sama, to be that interested, you get it, right?”

She stares back at him fiercely. He says that he wants her. Not the senki candidate. Things like being chosen by the onifuda, what the chairmen will say, how she’s that fucking bastard Mizuchi’s – he doesn’t give a damn about any of that.

Why, she asks. {Oh I don’t know, because he’s an entitled little womanizing brat who’s never been told no by a chick? Come on, Mikoto.} He doesn’t know anything about her. They’re also in different classes, and he doesn’t know about her abilities as a minamo, either. …So why would he want someone like that?

Kurenai says, I-diot. There’s no reason to why a man wants a woman. It’s just about bodies. He wants to fuck her, that’s all. She splutters, reddening, wh…..!

He continues, don’t harbor too many illusions about men, okay? That damn prim and proper sissy Mizuchi is also itching to bang her as well! Haha! {Well, at least when this guy appears, he makes my translation work more…colorful, lol.}

Mikoto bites her lip angrily, then slaps him. {YES be more ballsy in the future, k? ‘Kay.} She says that Mizuchi-san is not a person like him! She’s – glad that she’s not his partner! A person who thinks of minamo in that way…really disgusts her!

He closes his eyes and grins – ha…interesting. He’s getting a shiver. She really came at him – it’s making him hard.

She looks at him in shock. He tells her, sleep with him, Mikoto. If she does, she’ll think, if only she was his partner, yeah? C’mon…

Onosada appears, saying Karakurenai’s name rebukingly. He goes, yeah, yeah, he gets it. …God, when he gets even a tiny bit close to her, anyone and everyone preaches a sermon at him. Looking away, she says she thinks that’s natural. She is Mizuchi-san’s partner. She has no intention of changing. She excuses herself.


Kurenai gives a laugh, then hands her a small bottle of white pills, telling her to give this to Mizuchi.


She asks, this is…? He says it’s something that Mizuchi dropped. Is the Mizuchi-kun that she knows really Mizuchi-kun, he wonders? She gapes and asks just what does he mean by that…but he walks away.

What was that, she thinks. She’s concerned about the last words he said… What’s in the bottle? Small pills – medicine?

> Library

Mikoto runs up to Mizuchi and apologizes for being late. He tells her that when she’s running late, she should tell him so. Otherwise he’ll end up going to search for her. She apologizes again. Could it be that…he was searching for her up until now?

He says, of course. But he could not manage to converse with the minamo in her class. He spoke with the class representative, but she could only barely respond. She apologizes again, more profusely.

He asks her what she’ll study today. She responds, uhm, yes – how about Kasen textbook six, chapter 3, a practicum on how to cope with a match of varying conditions. He says that ah, that’s an essential matter. There are detailed writings on how to respond in that instant of Awase. He will find some materials. She thanks him.

After he’s gone, she thinks that since the library’s so big, they won’t get that many looks from people… It was a good idea to study here. Of course she’s nervous because the one teaching her is Mizuchi-san, but…no matter the question, he answers it earnestly for her.

He’s diligent and kind…far different from Karakurenai-san. It’ll be better if she doesn’t mention what happened earlier, or else he’ll get worried.

But…this… She looks at the medicine bottle. She’s a little curious… If this is Mizuchi’s, then what’s so bad about it…? Perhaps it’d be better to return it to him quickly. What should she do?

…Huh? She thought she felt a chill down her spine just now… Was it her imagination? Then she notices that Mizuchi-san’s already seated. She’d better go!

Mizuchi says that he has gathered a number of study materials, but this particular author’s books include a lot of proofs and should be easy for even beginners to understand. She says okay, then she’ll start here and compile everything in a report.

While writing, she thinks that she’s going at a good pace. The topic really is easy to understand because of how he’s summarized it. These tactics are steadily entering her head. At this rate, she’ll probably finish quickly. And Mizuchi-san’s been watching her attentively this entire time as she’s been writing. Though he’s simply been teaching her, she still feels nervous…

She murmurs out loud about the example she’s looking at, but notices how Mizuchi’s been fixedly looking at the general vicinity of her hand. It’ll be fine…if she looks at him…just for a little, right? As long as she goes about it stealthily so as not to get caught…  {I’ll facepalm in advance, can’t remember how cheesy this description is going to get.}

Wow, his eyelashes are longer than she thought. The skin around his eyes is firm and clear, and though he’s a guy, his skin’s so pale that it’s translucent… He really is a good-looking person. But his body’s really firm and toned. He’s slender, but he’s also strong. Does he work out? But he’s not in any clubs. At the very least he helps out Himeutsugi-san with tennis practice… Just how…

Mizuchi asks her if something’s wrong. Her eyes widen – ah, uhm, no, sorry. She was just looking off to the side and… She thinks, this is bad, she needs to focus!

Timeskip. Mikoto beams and says she’s finished. Hm…it turned out all right. Mizuchi says she summarized it well. She says it’s because the materials he chose were easy to understand.

…Looking at it in this light, she thinks there’s a lot of things to remember about being a minamo. The progress of a battle can change enormously just because of a player’s forethought or one’s timing… The more she learns, the more fun it is.

Mizuchi says that knowing the joy of learning is the first step in the acquisition of knowledge. Mikoto smiles and says it really is. She thinks, only at Kaen can she study Kasen to the fullest. She’s starting to understand the things she didn’t know before coming here…

Even now Kasen’s still difficult and she’s still fumbling her way through many things, but she feels her curiosity pique at what she doesn’t know. She wants to know more about the world of Kasen. She became timid and forgot the important thing about being here – that she loves Kasen. She has to treasure this critical opportunity more.

Mizuchi says they still have time before closing hours. They should study freely. Mikoto agrees, and asks him if he’s going to read a book as well. He says that no, he’s fine. If he looks away, he won’t be able to protect her. {Uh huhhhhhhhhhh. Is that how we say it nowadays.}

She protests that that’s no good, then pauses and clams up, then blushes and looks away, thanking him instead. He gives a small laugh. She thinks that she hasn’t gotten used to this whole depending on others thing yet…

Each time she reacts to him, she gets this tingly, embarrassing feeling. Lately it makes her feel happy for whatever reason. It’s a strange feeling that she hasn’t felt before now. Only with Mizuchi-san. Why, she wonders…

Mikoto thinks that Mizuchi-san is relaxing, now that they’ve finished studying. Maybe she should try asking him those survey questions from before… Maybe a safe one…surely, something like this would be…

She asks him if it would be okay for her to ask a question. It doesn’t have to do with studying, though…but with him. He says, about him? She blushes and says that it’s all right if he doesn’t answer should he find the question impolite or uncouth. …Uhm. It’s about his eyepatch, but…

His eyepatch? Mizuchi says that there isn’t anything particular to say about it. He’s worn it since childhood due to a rule of his house. It’s not that his eye is bad or anything. Using only one eye is at times inconvenient, but he’s gotten used to it enough that it does not impede his daily life.

She goes, is that so… and thinks, a rule of his house…it’s the same as what Momotose-san said. If his eye isn’t bad, then is he hiding some kind of skill…? He asks why she’s asking this sort of… She brushes it off and says she just kind of got curious or something.

Suddenly Mizuchi grits out several sounds of pain, muttering, it’s happening…again. She calls out his name in concern – but then he collapses, grunting – his eye is…!?

Mikoto thinks, this feeling…it’s the same from…that dream!? Don’t tell her it really came true!? She tells him to hang in there, and tries to call out for someone – but then realizes no one else is here! Why? There were people here just a short while ago… What should she do, she mutters nervously to herself.

Suddenly she remembers the medicine that Karakurenai gave her. Maybe this is some sort of spasm. She asks him, is this medicine his? If so, then…

There’s a pulsing sound, and then Mizuchi gasps. His eyepatch is now off.


He pants heavily, then grits out her name. He opens his eyes, and Mikoto thinks, what…? Somehow, his eyes seem…different…

He continues to make struggling, pained gasps. Mikoto tries to get his attention again; he says her name. She tentatively responds. He says, “Mikoto-kun…I…I want you!

{I’m really sorry that I can’t convey just how screwed up he sounds right now. It’s just – pretty bad.}

She watches him in shock. He continues in a litany in between gasps – he wants her, her wants her, he wants her! She thinks that his eyes are…the same as Karakurenai-san’s, back then? They’re glimmering…as if with desire……but, why, all of a sudden…!?

She tries to tell him to calm down, and then he grabs her. She begs him to let her go…! Let her go…let her…let her go!! She shakes him off, and he looks stunned. Now, while she can, she has to run…!

He shouts at her not to move! {Oh my lord I had to stop here for a moment just, wow, Fukujun’s damn voice.} He pushes her against the wall, and she screams.

He gasps for air while saying, don’t move…I beg you. Stay…like this. Then he forcefully kisses her. She tries to scream in protest, but her voice gets muffled. His tongue’s in her mouth and she hates it! She tells him he can’t, no, she doesn’t want this…


His head lowers to her neck, and she screams, yelling for him to please stop. He bites her in the neck and she flinches. All the while, he’s still calling out her name. Her body is shuddering – she doesn’t want this – but he’s not yielding an inch. Her strength’s not enough…!

He says that he wants more, more – and she yells at him that he can’t, he can’t do that, Mizuchi-san – no, he absolutely can’t – down there is…!

He shouts desperately, why…we’re partners, aren’t we! She stutters, no – partners don’t…do…things like this! His head slips back to her neck, and she shrieks – this is going to end up badly – for him, too…! P – please calm down…! Please, regain composure…! He can’t! Absolutely – not…! What happened to him! He’s not this – kind of person!

Suddenly, he calls out her name hesitatingly. She thinks that the color of his eyes have returned…? She sighs in relief, then asks him why – why is he doing this! He says, falteringly, wh…? He – he doesn’t know…but…he can’t hold it back – and then gasps like he’s in pain again.

Just what is happening to him, he wonders. His mind is filled with thoughts of wanting her… Just what…are these emotions…? Ugh!? He can’t…bear it…he wants her…!

She’s horrified at how those strange eyes returned…it’s no good…! She begs him, please return to his normal self! However, he descends back into his madness mantra.

She dimly realizes that her strength’s…leaving her body. The water in her body…is starting to freeze. It’s like an undertow pulling her in. She wasn’t afraid when he held her in the park, yet…her body is becoming cold…she’s shivering…

She doesn’t want to believe this… This person…isn’t…Mizuchi-san… This isn’t…the Mizuchi-san…she knows… Someone…someone…

Spots of black appear in her vision before swallowing up her sight completely. She screams.

A voice goes, “Don’t touch her…!” Mikoto mumbles…I-Iroha-san!?

He flings aside Mizuchi. She screams Mizuchi’s name. Iroha begins to pummel him, and she can only stare at him wide-eyed for a moment before yelling at him to stop. Mizuchi groans in pain. Mikoto moves in between them and yells that he can’t! Any more and he’ll…! She asks Mizuchi if he’s all right!


Iroha tells her to move. He can’t strike him. She says he can’t…he can’t. Stop…how could he… Iroha flatly says that attempting to divest the senki candidate of her qualifications is the most unforgivable thing at Kaen.

She protests that it’s not like that…she has a feeling about this. Mizuchi-san wouldn’t do something like this…! There has got to be a reason, definitely. So please, stop this violence!

He asks her in the same flat voice if she understands what was going to be done to her. She says she does…but she can’t believe he would do something like this without there being something behind it. Mizuchi-san is absolutely not that kind of person! Absolutely not… That’s why…that’s why…she doesn’t want Iroha to hurt him! Please, she’s begging him!

His fierce expression drops. “You would…go that far. Even though something like this…” (そこまで、か…。君は。そんなにも…)


{Sorry, from the sheer number of screencaps I think you can tell my Iroha bias already. Except…his facial expressions never change so to get three different ones in a row is just, y’know. Also it’s just like a progression of oh my spacey space alien baby stop giving me feels stop it will you. Stoppppp.}

She looks at him, confused, but he merely says he understands and he will stop. Besides, he tells her… look around them.

They are surrounded by students. She wonders just when did they…no, more than that, something seems off…as if they were possessed…could it be? This feeling – the utsurohi?

Mizuchi groans, and then starts to mumble…what’s…going on? He’s – here – why… He notices Mikoto, and Iroha as well, and asks if something happened. Mikoto is shocked – he doesn’t remember what happened earlier?

The shadows gather behind Mizuchi and she yells that it’s dangerous! But Iroha merely turns to her and says, “Come,” then grabs her and walks out of the library, closing the doors behind him. She asks him why he did that – Mizuchi and the others are still… The doors rumble, and she yelps.

He says that they have gotten involved. He will sweep away in one clean motion the tainted ones who have already been devoured. She stares at him…by sweep away, he means…

Iroha begins to recite something (line 13 from the origins of the poem Words of the Universe (ametsuchi no uta/kotoba, literally song/poem/words of heaven and earth)):

みをつめぱ  物思ふらし ほととぎす
鳴きのみまどふ  五月雨のやみ

when filled to the brim   the cuckoo bird, as if submerged in thought
scatters only sad cries   into the darkness of the early summer rains

{(Brief note: the lesser cuckoo is known for its distinctly beautiful song, and is a very significant bird in Japan.)

The Words and its origins were written sometime around the 900s, and it’s hard to find modern interpretations of them even today given all the differences.

The origins to the Words of the Universe supply the words to the Iroha version – the one that uses all 48 letters/characters of the Japanese syllabary. In the origins, though, there are 48 lines (or individual poems) that respectively begin and end with each one of the syllabary. More on the Words in a sec.

The origins are split into six sections – spring, summer, fall, winter, thought/faith/will, love. This line comes from the summer section.

By the way, the origin poem as well can be perfectly arranged into a square of a Go board. Here’s a visual representation. Why are the origins arranged like this, considering the labor it took to create and the difficulty in printing/writing it in this form? Because of the cipher inside – the Words of the Universe poem.

Just, wow, even if you can’t read the moonrunes. It’s ridiculously impressive to have it function on so many different levels.}

Subsequently the door is blown away, and Mikoto yelps in surprise. Incredible…even though he doesn’t have a minamo to give him power, he can still exert this much strength!?


The students moan and scream. {Zombie army! Sorry, I’m done.} Mizuchi makes a sound, and Mikoto yells his name. She thinks, Iroha-san, have you decided to kill Mizuchi and all of the students here!? She yells that he can’t, then runs back to the library, startling Iroha.


She asks Mizuchi if he’s all right, yelling his name over and over. Iroha tells her to move back – she’s in the way. She says no – everyone will die! The floor rumbles and she shrieks. Iroha says while glaring at Mizuchi, “Die.” Mizuchi has tried to taint the senki candidate. That is plenty of reason to purge him.

Mikoto makes an exclamation of disbelief, but she realizes that Iroha’s serious. At this rate, not just Mizuchi, but everyone else will…for the sake of protecting Kaen from the utsurohi… No, this isn’t okay!! But what should be done… What should she do?

Answering: I can’t do anything…「何もできない」

{This 2nd option only appears during a New Game+. It’s…like I don’t even know why it exists, but for posterity’s sake here we go…}

She closes her eyes. She can’t do…anything. Before the completely overwhelming Iroha and his strength, she can’t do anything useful with her own. Even in a situation like this…she’s powerless.

Iroha tells her to move. She gasps as he shoves her aside. The utsurohi are increasing, he says. At this rate the damage will widen. Therefore, the matter of highest priority is severing them at the source. And the senki candidate is above all else. He will not deem it acceptable, her being tainted. It is his mission to eliminate all who are in the way.

She’s shocked. ‘All who are in the way’… N-no… Stop – stop…! Please, Iroha-san…stop…!

Iroha falls silent. Still confused, Mizuchi murmurs, Iroha-sama, this current situation… But after a moment, Iroha merely says:

I…will not forgive you.

You are merely an existence chosen by the onifuda. I will never forgive any act that deviates from this.

Mikoto says it’s not like that, Iroha-san! Mizuchi-san is…! He harshly tells her to be silent.


{And that expression. @_@;}

“In the name of the Five Brights, from here I will execute the purge of Mizuchi. I present to you this life!” (差し出すは、その命…!) He slashes at Mizuchi with his power. Mikoto screams his name.

Covered in blood, Mizuchi manages to say, “Iro…ha…sama… I…” Iroha slashes him again several more times.

The last thing Mizuchi says is Mikoto’s name. He manages to smile at her once, before falling to the ground.

Mikoto screams, frantically yelling Mizuchi’s name again and again. Iroha, in his same monotone, tells her not to get close.  He is already no more. She stares at him, asking just how could he be so – and then screams Mizuchi’s name in denial.

Iroha tells her to wait, and grabs her. She shrieks at him to let her go, but he merely says not to draw close. She will be tainted. She stares at him. He says that he would like her to be more aware of herself as the senki candidate. She mumbles, how can this…

He warns her that the utsurohi are gathering and orders her to come. She refuses, screaming Mizuchi’s name. His gaze furrows at her. From here on, she will sever that hesitation. {Actually, given the lack of clarity with Japanese sentence subjects, he could mean that he will sever that hesitation, as well. Just an interesting thought.}

With that, Iroha pushes her outside the library. She can only stare in shock as he tells her to stay there. He then turns back to the room, slashing apart the utsurohi – and the students.

Mikoto is paralyzed by the blood…there’s so much blood… How did…something like this… She closes her eyes. It’s all her fault… Because she’s the senki candidate…the senki candidate who must not be tainted…it’s her fault that everyone’s…

She lets out one last shattering scream before everything fades to darkness. Game over.


Answering: Even so, I still want to save them「それでも助けたい」

She hears sound like a clear chime. Ah…the onifuda is glowing…!?

What is this – there are words emerging in her mind. This is…!? Hea…ven, earth? At first she recites the words hesitantly, but then she gains confidence and speed:

天、土、星 … 空!

Heaven, earth, star…sky!

{These are the first words of the Words of the Universe poem (also known as Song of the Universe).

How this poem is derived from the origin poem: Each of the 48 lines begin and end with one of the syllabary. If those 48 characters/letters are taken out in the right order, they form the words to this poem. In hiragana, they form a perfect pangram – hypothesized to be the oldest perfect pangram in Japanese.

More on this later!}

Power is entering her body – it’s hot. She tells the flowing power of the onifuda to come to her. Please – lend her strength! She repeats the incantation – heaven, earth, star, sky! She wants…to save everyone!!


A burst of white light shines forth from her. Iroha looks stunned. {Oh yeah, there’s this gentle, quite beautiful track that plays whenever pivotal moments have occurred and things are looking up and/or during certain tender moments. It starts right about here.}

Mikoto breathes harshly. She tells him that he can’t. He mustn’t do any more than this! With a sense of wonder in his tone, he says that she returned…his power? She says she will search for another method…without killing.

Iroha says, mostly to himself, “The awakening…? No, this is different. The moon has not returned. …Yet, the power that was used up until now…”

Mizuchi asks her just what that power was now. He stands up, and sounds like himself once more. Mikoto says his name, again and again…it’s him. It’s really great that he returned to normal… She runs to Mizuchi and hugs him, causing both men to react, but she says that she’s okay…even though she’s touching him, she’s not afraid. She’s so relieved…really…

With a blush, Mizuchi says that he doesn’t understand what happened, but he doesn’t think that this position…is very wholesome…?

Just in time to break the otome game moment, the moaning from the possessed students gets louder. Mizuchi tells her the utsurohi are coming. She replies with resolution, and tells Iroha that she and Mizuchi are going to Hana Awase. The two of them are going to free everyone without taking their lives. …That will be fine, won’t it. Iroha simply replies that she should do as she wishes.


She gives him a look of relief, then turns back to Mizuchi, who smiles and assents. Upon his word, he will protect her. He sets up the field: “Field creation, complete. Then…commence!”

Gameplay notes: Uhhhh honestly at this point I can’t remember how much HP the utsurohi had on the first playthrough. I will say that I do hope you went back to the lecture room at least once after Day 6, and that you’re at least rank 100-150, though.

After the battle the students lay groaning, but they all seem to be unharmed. Iroha says he will report to the chairmen on what happened and return. Mikoto gives him a very sincere thank you – for saving her, even though she’d said those things to him. He says he is not concerned, and then leaves.

Mizuchi stares straight at the broken medicine case, and she recalls that it did fall on the floor earlier. She offers him his eyepatch back, but he continues to stare at the case without moving. She calls out his name again and he snaps back to his senses, apologizing dazedly. Ah, yes, the eyepatch…

Mikoto wonders if something’s wrong, since he looks rather pale…

Meanwhile, Iroha stands alone in the hallway.


He says to himself:

The awakening may soon be close. The one who brought it about was, most likely, him…

I know. The moon – will never shine on me…never…

He walks away.

{k I’m dead bye omg this stupid game I don’t even laksdgjlkjadgsjl}

> Monologue

At night, Mizuchi recites a poem (Saigyo, #712):

つくづくと 物を思ふに うちそへて
折あはれなる 鐘の音かな——

tsukuzuku to   mono wo omou ni   uchi so he te
ori a ha renaru   kane no oto ka na

So thoroughly was I   absorbed deeply   in peals of thought
that the bell’s sad toll clamored   as though drawing sorrow to myself

{This poem was the preface to Saigyo’s collection titled “Recollections of the heart.” Apparently it’s also full of various sounds akin to those of a ringing bell/words referencing things related to a bell.}

Has it not been noticed, this unrest in him. He does not really remember anything before she called out to him. It’s like his memories have vanished, as though they were threads that had been cut. Could it  be…Mizuchi’s… With a shaky voice, he says that no, it couldn’t…

{As an fyi if you hadn’t guessed, “Mizuchi” was written in katakana and not his name’s kanji aka hint hint something significant.}

Did she end up learning about his real self, he wonders.

“…Mikoto-kun, I am tainted…more than anyone else…”

Day 18

> Chairman’s room

Mikoto stands before the chairmen. Kintoki says they heard the story from Iroha. No matter what, the utsurohi have once again appeared, this time in the library. Not once, not twice, but three times, now. This is an extremely grave matter. Consequently, they will take this as an official challenge from Goto.

Mikoto repeats, Goto…? Kintoki says, she doesn’t know, does she. This is why she’s an amateur. Goto is what they call the man who has taken control of Goto-gai in the central district. The entire area over there is that man’s turf. It has become an enormous gambling den. Well, since children can’t enter so easily, there is also reason in her not knowing.

If he had simply kept it to quiet gambling, it would have been fine, but… He gathers adabana and utsurohi there – given this and that, the area is now deplorable. Awa says that his deeds have been so terrible that they have been handed down instructions in kind to perform kabatsu, from the country. Mikoto thinks she hasn’t heard this word before.

Momotose explains that as the name suggests, it means to fell a flower (仇花). It is where an adabana who has fallen from the position of kaei is wiped out. That duty belongs to the Five Brights and their minamo. Kintoki affirms this. “From their point of view, we are a thorn in their sides.” Which is why Kaen also has a barrier in place. Is it not so, Awa. He replies, after a pause, that this essential thing has been destroyed entirely.

Kintoki mutters that it’s not something so easy that can be said so easily! He gives a cough. If that is how that side will act, then this side will as well… In other words, after petitioning the country, they have been handed down permission to perform kabatsu.

Now, he will hand down the decree for the Five Brights and Mikoto to commence with kabatsu! The objective is to find the main perpetrator behind the utsurohi disturbances, as well as to suppress the adabana in Goto-gai. If they dust away the adabana that are there now, then Goto will also learn a lesson about meddling.

Mikoto stares at them. Kintoki says, what is it – your eyebrows are drawn together so. Mikoto asks with a somber expression that kabatsu is different from Kasen in that it takes the opponent’s life, doesn’t it?

He replies that it does not even warrant asking. She says she understands the matter of finding the main perpetrator behind the utsurohi disturbances. But she wonders if they could avoid – that is – taking lives just to set an example for others? They could use another method instead… For example, discussing things so they can come to an understanding.

Kurenai snorts – she’s hilarious. Does she seriously think she’d just be able to discuss things and come to an understanding with an adabana? She looks at him indignantly. Hime pointedly addresses Karakurenai and says that Mikoto-chan doesn’t know about the adabana. Kurenai merely replies, and that is why! She’s a naive brat yet she’d boldly say something like that – hilarious. Besides, can she even say she knows who Goto is?

She stays silent. He says, see. Without knowing anything she acts all holier than thou and says that she doesn’t want to kill or whatever. Just what kinda crap is she spewing.

She thinks that she can’t say anything in response. It really is as Karakurenai-san says. She doesn’t know anything about the adabana. It’s just that she doesn’t want to take a person’s life. But…there’s just no way she could take someone’s life so simply. Looking away, she says that maybe she’s being naive. But a method that could resolve this without taking lives would still be best.

Iroha asks her what she has learned up until now. She looks at him, surprised. He states that kabatsu is where the Five Brights reap the lives of the adabana. If even one misstep is made, they will lose their lives. It is the minamo’s role to support them while making sure that this does not happen. If a minamo harbors her own doubts, then it will also influence the battle. They do not need minamo lacking such resolution.

Mikoto bites her lip. Hime says that kabatsu is something that is very intense. They have to give her some time. Kurenai snorts in derision – as if they have that kind of time. If they leave those guys alone, they’ll overrun Kaen. And there’s no meaning in this shitty barrier.

Kintoki gives a cough. The barrier is something secure and stable that has been in place since the establishment of Kaen. It may be possible by someone on the inside, but it is not something that can be broken by someone on the outside so easily!

Awa says, that’s why they can say that this is so incomprehensible. He then tells Mikoto that whether she wishes to or not has no relation to the matter – she will carry out kabatsu for them. This is an order. It would be good to ask Onosada about kabatsu. He is the commanding officer of it. He will indicate the path for her. She closes her eyes and says she understands.

Awa turns to Mizuchi and perfunctorily asks if he’s fine with this change. Mizuchi responds with firm assent. Kintoki then tells Mikoto that for this kabatsu, she may work with any of the Five Brights who are here. Shocked, she asks them just what does that mean.

Awa says they received the report from Iroha on how Mizuchi ended up attempting to steal the qualifications of the senki candidate. Good grief, to try to steal her qualifications just as she’s about to awaken… It’s so outrageous that he wouldn’t care if he was immediately expelled.

Mikoto protests – it’s not like that, there was a reason for… Kintoki tells her, silence. He will not lend an ear to this. Awa says that part of him is even whispering to himself that “the only possibility is that the onifuda mistook him for someone else.” Were Mizuchi and her truly the ones chosen. Things in that vein.

Mikoto murmurs in disbelief. Kintoki says, only one can restore one’s own honor. They will grant her the choice. Choose as she will one of the Five Brights, and awaken as the senki candidate! Naturally, by all rights Mizuchi’s eligibility should have been revoked, but be that as it may… This was Momotose’s fervent wish.

Mikoto looks at her, surprised. Momotose merely responds with a gentle smile – the more possibilities, the better, yes? Mikoto says her name gratefully.

Kurenai says with a smirk, so basically, it’s fine if this woman becomes his own? Well, isn’t this a huge stroke of luck. He calls out to Mizuchi – “Now isn’t this a feast fit for you? Haha…how shameful. You really don’t have any balls. You always lectured Kurenai-sama on and on, but…you wanted to screw her so bad that you just couldn’t stand it, huh? Be more honest, you sick bastard!”

With a harsh inhale, Mizuchi glares to the side angrily, but he leaves without saying a word. Mikoto calls after him. Hime says sternly that Karakurenai-sempai has said too much. Kurenai replies that he only spoke the truth. Since Mizuchi can’t even sleep with one woman, let alone awaken her! Ahaha!

Mikoto glares at him before giving him a harsh slap. He growls, what the hell’s up with her!? She’s just been fucking smacking him over and over this whole time! She demands that he apologize, to Mizuchi! He gives a “haa?” and asks just why he’d have to apologize. She says that he’s the lowest. Disgusting! He grits his teeth.

Iroha tells them in a flat voice, silence. Where do they think they are. Kurenai makes a tch sound – this is getting old. He can’t take this any more, and storms out.

Iroha formally apologizes to the chairmen. Awa says it’s fine – this amount of spiritedness is just right. Isn’t it, Kintoki. He agrees, then tells Mikoto that she is free to choose Mizuchi or any of the others. He orders her, however, to protect her own chastity. She gives a somber reply.

He continues – if she does not awaken during this period of kabatsu, then they will take it to mean that she does not have the qualifications of a senki candidate. Kaen is a place that only chosen ones may enter. There is no way that they can keep raising her as a candidate indefinitely. If she does not awaken, she will leave the school. She should take care to remember this. She looks down and says she understands.

Awa says that Onosada will notify her about the time frame. He tells her to subjugate Goto during kabatsu, and awaken as the senki!

Outside in the hallway, Mikoto makes a small noise upon finding Iroha standing there. He’s making a scary face. She wonders if he’s angry about earlier. Or about how she hasn’t awoken as a minamo…

With a sad, anxious expression, she calls out to him, but he merely says, “Doubt leads to ruin.” Whether she is prepared to face Hana Awase. Her partner. She herself is the one to decide those things. If she chooses the wrong path, all ways will advance towards ruin.

She repeats, ‘ruin’…what does he… But he walks away. Could he have been trying to tell her something, perhaps? {Is this like the “yo sup hope you’ve been paying attention” flag for otome games or something? lol…}

> Greenhouse

She spies Momotose and Iroha. Momotose greets her muse good day with a huge smile. Mikoto returns the greeting and asks what the two of them are doing. Momotose sighs… That is, you know… Mikoto looks at her questioningly, but Iroha says, with the slightest tinge of impatience in his otherwise monotone voice, isn’t it fine already.


Momotose says that it is not! So please remain still! Mikoto notices that, hm? What Momotose-san is holding in her hand is… She exclaims, that’s a uniform sleeve, isn’t it!? Momotose dejectedly says it’s Iroha’s, surprising Mikoto. But it really is – when she gets a good look, she can see that his right sleeve’s come off! She couldn’t see it earlier because the way his body was oriented hid it…

She says that the sleeve’s really…become rather completely detached, hasn’t it. Momotose laments that it really has…he has already needed to get 10 new uniforms since the beginning of his 3rd year alone. Mikoto exclaims, 10!? Iroha blandly replies that he does not mind.

Momotose fiercely replies that she minds! The very idea of being a minamo of a member of the Five Brights who is lacking one of his sleeves…shameful! He is too sloppy about his everyday life outside of Kasen! Could he please be somewhat more reliable!

He responds that he is not sloppy. Momotose says that noooooooooooooo! He is incredibly sloppy!! Mikoto smiles nervously and says, uhm, disagreements should be kept moderate…

But then Iroha says that if they have no business with him, then he will take his leave, and walks away. Mikoto gapes at him – I-Iroha-san, his remaining sleeve is about to come off as well!

Momotose shouts, catch him! He cannot be allowed to escape! She dashes off. Mikoto yells at him to wait, Iroha-saaaaaaaaaaan! and soon follows suit.

{Sorry this scene is such mood whiplash in the spot that I had to insert it, lol…}

> Fixed event, Momotose’s room

Against the dimming light through the windows, Momotose sighs – today was a difficult day. The gentlemen, including the chairmen, had no concern towards the females. Even though it is quite a delicate matter…she sighs. And moreover, it was quite unexpected that it hadn’t been Karakurenai, but Mizuchi of all people who… If Iroha had not come, then right now she would be…

Mikoto looks down sadly and says that’s wrong. Mizuchi-san would never do anything to hurt her. Even so, something like that was said in front of everyone… What is Mizuchi-san feeling right now? That’s all that she’s thinking about… It’s true that the Mizuchi-san in the library was scary…but, she can’t believe that he intended something like that. There has to be some kind of reason for what he did.

She trusts Mizuchi-san. Please, if Momotose-san could somehow believe it as well…please. Momotose murmurs Mikoto’s name.

Mikoto pulls out the onifuda and says that this card had beckoned her to Kaen. Because the onifuda chose Mizuchi at the ceremony, they had become partners. …That’s all their relationship had been. But now it’s different. It’s not just that any more. There’s something different, something…

She wonders, is it not okay to choose Mizuchi-san? If she keeps on choosing him, will it lead to ruin like what Iroha-san said? Just like she has her doubts about taking lives in kabatsu, she is also lost at sea about who to choose. She doesn’t know if she can become the senki with these kinds of feelings…!

Momotose says that she believes in whichever road Mikoto chooses. She should feel free to proceed as her heart tells her to. She assures her that she will always act as her ally. Please do not worry. Even if she chooses someone other than Mizuchi, he will not run away. Do not worry and take heart in this. All right? Mikoto looks away sadly and assents.

Momotose smiles and tells her that she has become beautiful. Mikoto makes a sound of confusion. Momotose’s smile saddens – yes, the flower has already begun to bloom. She is happy, but also just a little lonely. Her smile goes back to normal – please don’t go too far away, okay? Her muse… Mikoto looks at her questioningly, not understanding what she just said.

> Fixed event, Mikoto’s room

Mikoto turns off the light and thinks to herself. It’s acceptable to choose anyone of the Five Brights as her partner…even though she already has Mizuchi-san. She can continue to choose him. But she doesn’t know whether she will be able to awaken as the senki if she does so… Perhaps, just maybe, choosing another person would be…

Is it really okay to decide on a partner via that way of thinking, though? She doesn’t know. But she must choose.

“Don’t run away from everything. When you do, all of the moons will run from you.” {Yes, this is the line she uttered back in the introduction. Btw, the rest of the line was, “The one who decides the moon is you. If you run, the moon will end.”}

The moon is fortune. Should she run, the moon will also end. Such is what she has been told. …That’s why she won’t run away. She will make a decision. She will decide…on one of the Five Brights as her partner.

Day 19


> Fixed event, Kasen lecture room

Onosada greets her. He heard the news from the chairmen. So she’s searching for a new husband, eh. She looks away, irritated, and says it’s not like that. He says whichever way you say it is fine, y’know. Stuff about a husband – it’s talk that’s got nothing to do with him.

More importantly, kabatsu. It’s been a while and he’s itching to flex his Kasen muscles.

The mission that has been handed down from the chairmen is to search for the culprit behind these past utsurohi disturbances while suppressing the adabana. According to his keen eye, these disturbances were the work of Goto’s underlings, the Suuto (数斗 – “suu” is number, and “to,” I suspect, comes from Goto (五斗)).

Mikoto repeats the term questioningly. He says they’re the leaders of the gangs controlling Goto-gai. That’s what they’re typically called on the street. The one who’s pulling the strings is surely the boss, Goto.

Well, he hasn’t seen them before either and has only heard the rumors. Both the Suuto and Goto are shrouded in mystery. If he had to say it, their skill at Hana Awase is something worthy at the very least. Mikoto says, then, kabatsu is…something where she will end up fighting the Suuto, is it?

He says – at the end, or something like that. But right away would be impossible. They won’t necessarily show themselves so easily.

First, they’ll have to bring to light whoever’s related to these recent utsurohi disturbances. If they do kabatsu while sticking to places in the near vicinity, just where could they grab them by the scruff of their necks? If these guys leave some tracks behind from kabatsu, then they should be able to tell which Suuto’s handiwork it was.

Mikoto thinks, ‘places in the near vicinity’? It seems like a very haphazard fishing strategy… Onosada says she’s making a face like she can’t accept this. He’s told her before, believe in the adults. If she and the others give kabatsu their all, he’ll keep his eyes on the general target. She acquiesces and thanks him.

He says that before this, though, she has to go and find a husband. He wants to get started quickly, so…okay, she has three days! Within that time she’s to find her husband. Maybe she doesn’t want to choose anyone at all – but if she dithers around all wishy-washy-like, she’ll have to drop out of Kaen.

She nods. It’s been decided that within three days, she has to…find a partner. Yeah, she has to choose someone. Okay, she’ll try going to the Five Brights’ rooms. She’ll have to properly talk to them there.

> Kasen lecture room

Onosada greets her. She has something she’d like to ask him, doesn’t she?

What is ‘Goto-gai’? 「五斗街ってなんですか?」

What, she doesn’t know? Just a little ahead of here is the central district’s downtown area. There’s an enormous casino there in the depths of the city, and there’s stories of illegal Hana Awase matches taking place there night after night. The country and the police look the other way for whatever reason. Now and then, over there the shadows of distinguished politician fellows can be… Well, this is all a road of conjecture, anyway.

Kaen is always called upon when there’s a quarrel involving adabana in that lawless district. That’s the extent of it. A situation where the country’s priests got called would be something, right?

There’s talk that as it is, if the Five Brights leave behind some good results from kabatsu, it will go quite a ways in securing them positions to serve the country. Kaen is for the sake of training the kaei, and the country is for the sake of protecting itself – the distinguished elites…

It’s give and take. Saying that the Five Brights are suited for kabatsu is what that is, of course. …Oh, he went on a bit too long.

What kind of person is ‘Goto’?「五斗ってどんな人ですか?」

He’s the boss in control of his territory, Goto-gai. He rarely shows himself and leaves everything to his top brass. That alone is dirty enough. According to what he’s heard, the man has a weakness for gambling, booze, and chicks. Onosada’s envious. …Ah, what a shame, what a shame.

Onosada’s heard that he’s unexpectedly young, but he wonders just how young he is? He thinks Goto’ll poke his head out in this round of kabatsu, but doesn’t think he’ll be too showy about it.

{I don’t know why but I think this is the only option in these sorts of background info events where you don’t get any EXP, haha. I guess the developers were all ‘you’ve had enough easy EXP! …For this one option!’}

What is ‘kabatsu’?「花伐ってなんですか?」

Kabatsu is where they attack their former comrades who have fallen and become adabana. The fights in kabatsu are entirely via Hana Awase. But it’s not something as tepid as the kind they do at Kaen. It’s a battle where lives are at stake.

He tells her, don’t try to sympathize with them or anything, you hear? Compassion and anything like it is wasted on them. Victory is where you wither them so that those evil roots can’t grow ever again.

Nothing in particular「特にありません」

She thanks him politely.

Gameplay notes: I kind of advise that you level a bit here. To be honest I don’t know how hard the enemies in the ending routes are, concretely, since I hit rank ~5-10 at this point. Rank 50-75 would definitely be safe, though? Just save and if you’re having trouble with the earliest battles already, come back here and grind some more.

There will be penalty-free times to grind during each ending, so you don’t have to cram it all now if you don’t want. If you get past rank 10, you should be able to beat the final matches of the easier endings, no problem.

> Greenhouse

Hime walks up to her – ah, so she was here. She greets him with a smile. He asks her, can he talk to her for a bit? He’d like her to answer a question. She repeats, a question…? He nods. He’ll hurry up and ask, then. …When was her first love?

Mikoto stares at him blankly, then says that this is – rather sudden, isn’t it. He apologizes, but for him, the cupid, this is an important matter. Please.

She looks away and uhms for a bit, then falls silent, causing Hime to make a questioning sound. She says, looking a tiny bit embarrassed, that she can’t not answer this, can she. He asks, does she not remember? She murmurs, it’s not that she doesn’t remember…

Hime’s eyes widen. Could it be that, she still hasn’t…had her first love yet?

Mikoto startles and goes, no, uhm…! Uh… She closes her eyes, resigned – at this age, she’s pretty hopeless, huh. Hime says it’s not that she’s hopeless or anything like that, but. A cute girl like herself still hasn’t been in love yet. Whoa.

She reddens and asks him to please not look at her like that. It’s no different than how her friends at her last school reacted. Sigh…

He smiles and says that no, it’s fine. Love isn’t something that’s an obligation or anything like that. But, he’s amazed at how she has managed to stay unhurt so far. Mizuchi and her really are similar.


She looks at him in surprise. He merely says that well, it should be fine. He’ll stop with the questions for now. She asks him to please not laugh at him. Geez…

{Also, this is the end to the free action system! Now it’s nothing but choosing which route you’ll end up on and, depending on if there’s more than one, which of the endings you get. Tragedy awaits, look forward to it!}

Day 20

> Classroom

Mikoto sighs…she feels kind of feverish. Her body feels leaden, and she feels incredibly sleepy…maybe she’s tired out.

The class rep says she doesn’t look so good. She nods – she feels kind of sluggish… The rep sternly chides her – Mikoto can’t take care of her health, either. As she is Mizuchi-sama’s minamo, she needs to get a hold of herself more, please. Mikoto apologizes.

The rep fiercely says, albeit with a {worried? tsunderes idk} stutter, what – speak more briskly! Isn’t this a complete letdown. Here, she’ll give this to her, so she’d better be grateful!

Mikoto realizes it’s an energy drink. The rep tells her not to be mistaken. It’s not like she got worried about her specifically and went to the store to buy it or anything. She just happened to, just – happened – to!

Mikoto thanks her, still surprised. Then, she’ll quickly drink this and…whoa, this energy drink tastes like strawberry! It’s delicious! The rep gives a confident laugh – it’s easy to drink, no? It’s all the rage among the minamo. It also has plenty of collagen in it! It’ll make her skin smooth. Mikoto’s impressed – so there’s something like this out there. She didn’t know.

The rep says that since Mikoto’s been such a mess, everyone in their class is worrying, too. Drink this and hurry up and get better! Mikoto says, everyone? That’s right, the rep says – everyone is worrying about h…that’s not it! They just became concerned about her health since she’s, you know, Mizuchi-sama’s minamo!

Mikoto thinks, everyone has…ah. She can feel several looks from people watching over her here and there. It’s as though there’s a warmth in them… The class rep says that everyone’s grateful for how she defeated the utsurohi that infested the library earlier. Utsurohi of the level that can destroy the library like that…it’s awful. And rather than her, Mizuchi-sama is the one who has highly praised Mikoto.

She says, he has? The rep continues – he told the students of the Koukokugumi that they were able to wipe out the utsurohi without sacrificing anyone because she had gathered up her courage . Mikoto wonders just when did he…

The class rep says that lately, the talk is that, not just the first-year minamo, but the second- and third-year minamo have also been looking at her in a different light lately. And there has not been a minamo who has received praise of that kind from Mizuchi-sama before. This is to be expected of the senki candidate.

Mikoto says that something like that’s – she’s nothing like that yet, not at all. The class rep says that the thing is, the people around her don’t think that. She should accept this praise amicably without protest. Mikoto nods and thanks her.

The class rep says that however, Mizuchi-sama, like Mikoto, seems a little depressed… Mikoto asks, does he really? The rep gives a nod. He hasn’t been making as many appearances lately, so she just feels that somehow or another – something like that. But she’s worried that he may be a little worn out.

That’s why Mikoto should see how he’s doing the next time they meet. And she would like her to hand these to him! Mikoto gasps at the weight. All of these energy drinks…are there a dozen of them here? The class rep responds that these are the feelings of the first-year minamo of the Koukokugumi, you know – their feelings!

Mikoto doesn’t think that he can finish all of these, but… Still, their feelings, huh. Everyone’s worrying about Mizuchi-san. All right, she’ll give them to him.

The other thing is…the destruction of the library wasn’t caused by the utsurohi, but by Iroha-san…but she’ll keep quiet about that.

> Corridor

She looks at the direction of the library and notes that entrance is now forbidden – the entry is wrapped in yellow tape. It really was wrecked…and who is that standing over there?

One of the chairmen greets her. She gives a timid good afternoon… He says that he’s Awahana. She apologizes. He says he doesn’t mind. Those who can tell them apart are few. She thinks that the chairmen really do look alike…their personalities are also just like each other’s.

Awa says, how unthinkable. Kintoki’s more likely not to think ahead. Mikoto splutters in surprise – did she, now, just say that out loud…? He simply states that he can see what she’s thinking. She apologizes for her rudeness.

He’s impressed with her…and tells her that, incidentally, her onifuda is weeping. Shocked, she takes it out – it’s glowing a pinkish red at the edges. She thinks it’s really true. It’s not as strong as that time before, but it’s glowing. Awa says that it’s resonating with her. She repeats, resonating…? {Note that it can also mean ‘sympathize with’.}

Awa says that this is a good omen. Perhaps her awakening is getting closer. Mikoto – lately, have any strange words come to her, in her mind? She says, words…ah! When the utsurohi appeared in the library…she’s sure of it. Uhm, the words were…heaven…something like that.

Awa says, oh? The “Words of the Universe”? Mikoto repeats him in confusion. He says that they are words with a certain power in them, mentioned in the legends of the senki. It’s said that if the senki is to recite the “Words of the Universe” while performing Hana Awase, the world will change.

Mikoto is shocked – is it truly something as amazing as that? Awa tells her to calm down. In the end, it is a legend. It doesn’t mean it has been witnessed. Additionally, if she had said the real “Words of the Universe,” then surely the world would have been changed by now. Mikoto thinks that this seems like something unthinkable, somehow…

He says that after all, she is the senki candidate, therefore this is no more than seeing one mere part of that power. But she should know that it is not something to be used recklessly. The strain it would put on her body would also surely be huge, given that she has no such power now.

She thinks about what he said. Now that she thinks about it, her physical condition has been strange, but… Is this because she recited the “Words of the Universe”?

Well, this is the extent to which he knows. He tells her, by the way, Mikoto – at random, you’ve become sexier. {Sexual harassment, chairman! You’re as bad as your twin!} She turns red – h-has she!? He says hm, she smells fragrant, she does, and steps closer to take a sniff.


She panics and asks the chairman what he’s doing! It’s ticklish! He tells her that it is not a serious matter. Now let him take a sniff. She bites her lip in defeat. He sniffs deeply. Like a sweet nectar, this is…ahh, the water of temptation, is it. She splutters, water of temptation!? {Yeah seriously this just sounds like an otome game gimmick for plot gimmicking purposes to me. Ahem.}

Awa says it’s a pheromone peculiar to females which attracts and draws in men. However, this sheer amount of it…is not ordinary. Is it that the senki emits a sweet-smelling scent like this?

She thinks, a pheromone? She has absolutely no idea what the chairman’s talking about… She asks him, uhm…is, is this enough now, perhaps. This position is a little…painfully difficult.

He goes, ah, he supposes so, and she takes a breath. …Then he bites her on the ear, and she yelps, stuttering – c-c-chairman, just w-w-w-what is he…!?

He says, slowly, as if pondering, that she seemed like she’d be delicious, so he tried taking a bite. Hm…the smell is there, but the taste isn’t sweet at all. Mikoto stutters, t-t-that’s natural, isn’t it! Please stop trying to bite her. He says that he was just attempting a taste. Don’t be so suspicious. …But, this temptation is rather strong. If he continued nibbling like this, it seems he would as much as sleep with her.

Mikoto thinks, wha… What audacity, while making such a cute face… Awa tells her not to make light of an adult. He’s far older than her, does she not realize? {Oh yeah, btw – it’s never said in-game, but stated in the game manual…the chairmen are sixty. SIXTY.} If she’s so inclined, they could head in this vein straight to a bed.

She flushes bright red, and he lets go of her – now, he says, the jokes end here. He warns her seriously that if just this water of temptation is let loose, then men will also become reckless without alternative. She should try to contain it so that she does not lose her qualifications before becoming the senki.

She asks, just how would she…? He replies in a curt “not my business” tone that he doesn’t know, and tells her to think about it herself. She gulps. He says, that scent will, if it is not the right moon, will end up commencing something with no return. She should be as careful as possible.

He walks away. She thinks, what does he mean by pheromone? {Again to be fair it’s in katakana and…I have no idea how many people know this word here, I dunno.} Does she really smell that much? She takes a sniff… She really doesn’t get it at all. But, like the chairman says, it’s important for her to brace herself and focus. The one to protect her, is herself. She has to keep going.

Oh right, the “Words of the Universe”! She’s really curious about them… She’ll try looking in some reference books. Ah…but no one can enter the library right now…

> Corridor

At dusk, Hime asks Mizuchi if he’s all right. He asks Hime not to concern himself with him. It was natural that he was reprimanded by Iroha-sama. He grits out that he tried to do something as tainted to the senki candidate as…

Hime says that however, nobody was hurt and it turned out fine in the end. Mizuchi yells that it did not! Then he freezes, realizing what he…and his expression turns remorseful. He apologizes…It’s dreadful that he does not remember what he tried to do to her… No, he remembers bits and fragments here and there…like the horrible sight of her…about to cry…

Hime tells him not to beat himself up over it. Something grave did not end up coming to pass. If he worries too much, it will also trouble her. She defended him in the chairman’s room, after all.

His eye widens in shock – Mikoto-kun did…? Hime adds, even slapping that Karakurenai-senpai… He laughs. That girl always surprises him. Mizuchi gapes at that news.

Hime says that Mikoto-chan trusts Mizuchi. If he doesn’t respond to that, what will he do then? He closes his eye and says that he still needs time to sort himself out. Please…wait a bit longer. Hime says he understands. He is his ally. He can talk to him whenever it gets too painful. …Also, here.

He hands him another bottle of that medicine – he heard that the last one Mizuchi had broke in the library, so he went and brought this. It’s about time for his household’s regular memorial service, isn’t it?

Mizuchi says that he has regrettably made Hime fuss over him. Hime just says with a smile, you’re welcome. Mizuchi walks away, and Hime’s smile soon fades into a worried frown.

Kurenai walks up with a laugh – you guys are damn playacting your friendship as always, like you’re in a drama. Hime asks sternly if Karakurenai-sempai heard what they said. He says, yeah – he was just coincidentally passing by.

He says, O Hime-san, do you know what that medicine that you brought here is made of? Hime responds, cautiously – why, does Karakurenai-sempai know what it is. Kurenai responds that this lost possession of Mizuchi’s, he hears, floated down from an acquaintance in Goto-gai.

Hime says softly in surprise, Goto-gai…? Kurenai says with a serious expression that Mizuchi seems to have been in Goto-gai. And not only that, but he brought a woman along with him, according to the story.

Hime says that’s impossible! Mizuchi would never… Kurenai grins – that’s why he said they’re playacting at friendship! The Mizuchi-kun that he doesn’t know is just swell. Hime says nothing. Kurenai adds, the morose, prim and proper Mizuchi-kun…when’ll his sheep’s clothing be shed, eh? Then he walks away.

Out loud, Hime thinks that something like that is impossible. But…sempai didn’t seem to be telling a lie… He too walks away.

Farther down the corridor, Iroha stands in the shadows without saying a word.

> Mikoto’s room

The senki stands at the peak of the minamo. She can draw out a kaei’s powers to the maximum; furthermore, the senki’s power is administered by means of physical contact… Only things such as this are written no matter where she looks.

And there are few books on the senki at all, at that. She only managed to find a few even when searching inside Kaen. And asking the chairmen would make her feel awkward… {Yo chica suck it up this stuff is important. Rawr. >_>;}

Physical contact…Momotose-san said it’s like kisses and things like that, but she wonders just what the meaning of this “action” really is… To give water, for the purpose of making the flower bloom…something like that? To kiss and whatnot for that purpose – it’s a very businesslike relationship. It seems like it’s only about the physical body…

A kiss, huh. She…has kissed Mizuchi before, hasn’t she… At the ceremony, and then in the library, and his tongue was in her mouth…and their breath was wild…and that tongue was… She quickly gets too embarrassed to continue.

She sighs. It seems like Mizuchi-san doesn’t remember a thing at all… She’s the only one worrying endlessly over this… He’d said that he wanted her, but… What does that mean, she wonders. He wanted…the senki? {*screams in pure frustration* I’m not kidding when I say that if she had a few ounces more of awareness, maybe some endings could’ve just not been as – gah. Gahhhhhh.}

But…Mizuchi-san’s not that kind of person. That’s why she doesn’t understand what happened that day. Why did he assault her… Ah, this is bad! Why is she spacing out like this! She has to keep researching.

Day 21

Mikoto hazily looks at the blue sky through her skylight for a moment, then jolts up in bed. This is bad! It’s already this hour! Today is– Today is…that’s right, from today on… She sighs. Being required to choose a partner for kabatsu within three days… She pauses.

If she doesn’t choose a partner, she won’t be able to begin kabatsu, either… She would prefer moving forward without taking any lives…but if she did, she would then have to leave the school… What should she do…


{That’s the end of that! Now you have the option of choosing one of the four Five Brights and getting their endings. You can see one of them per day, and from there on there will be an option to stop and go back to your choices, or continue with the route.

If you don’t choose anyone for three days, it’s a Game Over. It’s not even worth translating – from what I remember, basically Mikoto leaves as Momotose sadly agrees it’s a tough decision, she walks away thinking she really couldn’t go through with something like this, and…yeah, that’s about it.}


(Endings to come soon!)


For those of you who are curious, here’s an explanation of the kanji in the characters’ names. Why yes, it is all rather relevant. (I’ll save most of the poetry stuff for their respective ending posts.)

Iroha – いろは

His name means the fundamentals, the basics, or “the ABCs,” which come from its original meaning of the fundamental ordering of the Japanese syllabary/phonetic alphabet. No kanji, for a reason – his namesake is the famous Iroha poem, a perfect pangram that uses each of the Japanese syllabary exactly once. More later, but the poem essentially discusses the ephemerality of all that is naturally found in the world – and, of course, ends with the lines, “We shall never allow ourselves to drift away / intoxicated, in the world of shallow dreams.”

Mizuchi – 蛟

Archaically this word was read as “mitsuchi” – the “mi” is water, “tsu” is a linking particle/” ‘s”, and “chi” is soul/spirit – ergo, spirit of water. It’s an imaginary creature like a long, large snake or serpent that walks on four legs. It lives in the water and has a poisonous breath which is harmful to humans.

Himeutsugi – 姫空木

“Hime” 「姫」is “princess,” while “utsugi” means a deutzia crenata, or deutzia flowers. (The kanji is “empty” and “tree” because the trunks are hollow.) In fact, “himeutsugi” is also a type of deutzia called, well, the princess deutzia or the deutzia gracilis. Deutzias are small flowering shrubs – “an easy shrub to grow, tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions.” In particular, the deutzia has certain meanings in the language of flowers – secret; old customs and ways. Moreover, the princess deutzia has additional meanings of hidden love; the advent of summer.

Karakurenai – 唐紅

“Karakurenai” means a vivid, deep crimson. More later, but his namesake is a poem by Narihira that essentially means: Even when the fiery gods / did reign in the ancient days / I have never heard of / water dyed so vividly red / as the deep crimson surface of the Tatsuta Stream. This is also why his name in hiragana is written in-game with the archaic, now unused ゐ (wi) character – it’s the spelling from that poem.


Table of contents:

Days 0-9 | Days 10-21
Endings: Himeutsugi | Mizuchi | Karakurenai | Iroha


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